Plants vs Zombies Pc Download Free

Plants vs Zombies Free Download Pc Game

Plants vs Zombies Free Download For PC

Plants vs Zombies download is one of the funniest and funniest defense games in this casual gaming genre. If you like defensive games and want something unique, this is the game for you. Plants versus Zombies is a really enjoyable game in which you mix and move in an exciting chaotic mix as strange and exotic plants grow in your garden in order to keep zombies from entering and munching on their brains. They’re talking about zombies! This time, they are as stupid and harmless as ever.

Plants vs Zombies pc is a highly enjoyable game in which you mix and move in an exciting chaotic mix as strange and exotic plants grow in your garden in order to keep zombies from invading your house and munching on their brains. They’re talking about zombies! This time, they’re dumber and more harmless than before… Plants versus Zombies. Well, I’m going to get back on track there; this is a tiny exaggeration; there is nothing really harsh in the game; the plants that produce them eliminate the fools in a kind and comical manner!

Zombies are attacking your house, and the only defense is your plant arsenal! Armed with an alien zombie plant nursery such as snipers and cherry bombs, you’ll have to think quickly and plant quicker to halt hundreds of zombies that perished on their way. Plants vs Zombies The undead have risen from their graves, and zombies are gathering in your hunger right in front of your eyes! It is up to you and your arsenal of zombie-fighting plants to reject these unyielding mobs and keep them away from your door.

Game Story:

In Plants versus Zombies, players use a variety of weapons, including plants, shrubs, cherry bombs, and the Venus Flytrap, to eliminate zombies. Discover which plants are most effective against 26 distinct zombies, such as the zombie vault, which leaps over bomb factories, and a mining helmet, which employs zombies that do more harm.

It seems to be a simple concept: choose a plant from the Plants versus Zombies series, each with a unique method of capturing zombies, place them on a certain route, and then wait until you can purchase additional plants by gathering solar resources. However, this gets more hard since there is no way of predicting which road you must take first, or which zombies will proceed to a certain path.

Plants versus Zombies Pc download has various techniques to apply as you move to increasingly tough stages, where you can only take 7 different varieties of plants to each level. Adding barriers like sunsets, fog, and pools may quickly increase the complexity level. In addition to gathering sunlight from night plants, you will also obtain sunlight from the sky.

To gather any sunshine, click on each sun sign that appears from a plant, which adds to the point, and then choose the game type. The sun will ultimately fade if you do not pick it up, so click on it as soon as possible! Collecting sunlight allows you to cultivate a variety of plants. At the start of each stage, you may pick the plants you want to employ in the round; however, you can only choose X plants (6 to begin), thus various stages will need different groupings to succeed.

Plants vs Zombies Free Download Features: 

  • Graphic plants vs zombie graphics: I can’t remove the visual aspect of the Plants vs Zombies, the cartoon graphics are top notch. Each zombie has a unique toon look. The plants are also uniquely designed, and the animation runs so smoothly that you’ll enjoy watching your plants go through the zombie armies.
  • Ability to play: Playing the game is also great, it is very easy to enter the game flow without long reading instructions, but there is another easy point and it plays the Popcap classic.
  • The speed with which you can scatter plants is fun, quickly point and tap from harvesting sunlight to using it to plant more plants, and there’s no delay in a half-decent computer.
  • Music: The music is unconventional and varied, which only adds to the experience rather than taking advantage of it. Watch out for the exciting zombies and companions of Michael Jackson, very entertaining and a big blast from the past!
  • Have you heard enough? Plants vs Zombies Full version pc format now, just click here, and it’s available for PC on Windows XP or Vista.
  • Some of the best plants: Please note that I am commenting on these matters to the point where I stopped playing to write this review, although it may lengthen it further in the future. But still these plants are still amazing and that’s what saves me from messing up the whole game.
  • Cherry bomb: This life-saving plant is one of the few that he will still use in later rounds for versatility. It’s not cheap, at a cost of 150 points of sunlight grown in and around a large group of zombies or just one if you’re desperate. Watch him take out all the zombies at close range in no time and let them disintegrate in the ashes!
  • Chomper: My favorite of all plants, not because it is the strongest or only, but because it is a small reservoir of alike horrors! (If you are 80 years old, you will know the film).
  • This does not mean that you are not doing sensible work to get rid of zombies, as it kills them to death (well, they are already dead, let’s say in small pieces). However, the helicopter is vulnerable for some time after swallowing its first coma because it takes time to digest it (I don’t particularly blame helicopters for their slow digestion; raw creatures aren’t exactly a lightly eaten delicacy!)
  • Nut: Defend the bread and butter factory in-game, plant in front of a group of weaker plants, and watch it survive the attack after an attack that protects your attacking plants and allows them to safely kill zombies without threatening to drive them away.
  • Wall nuts are known for their extremely strong and stubborn outer shell that can chew a bit!
  • Hypnoshroom: A night plant sends zombies into a tangled state, after which they fight for you and attack other zombies. The best idea here is to hypnotize powerful zombies like football zombies, which will take on many of the weakest!
  • Note that a hypnotic zombie can only attack zombies in its own class.
  • Hypnoshroom is a night plant and is therefore not available for use during daytime raids.
  • Doomshroom: Cherry Night Bomb With Big Bangs, Doomshroom can eliminate a large number of zombies. Of course, with great power comes great obstacles, Doomshroom leaves a mouthpiece that cannot be grown. My advice is to use Doomshrooms on the right of your screen as you rarely want to grow other plants.
  • Hitting: A huge bulky plant that jumps on zombies completely crushes them, it is a very easy to use plant opposite to the attacking plant that disappears after killing a zombie. It only costs 50 points to call sunlight, making it a wonderful “free prison card”.
  • Tangled seaweed: An underwater plant attracts zombies underwater to drown them, and again this is a zombie killer plant but very useful for zombies who escape from aquatic plants while swimming.
  • Variety of zombies: So we covered some of the most exciting and exotic plants to use early and in the middle of the Plants vs Zombies Download Free Pc, what about zombies? Well, you are a real pleasure …
  • Bog Standard Zombie: I had to include the main zombie heroes because we’ve seen this cute genre over and over in class B horror movies and many other different types of media. This zombie is more clumsy, useless, and stupid than being scary and cunning. Therefore, it is of low health and easy to eliminate with the weakest forms of the plant.
  • Conhead Zombie: It seems useless except that he has a cone on his head and is strong twice. It can be very difficult if more than one attack attacks at once.
  • Zombie Polevault: This zombie accelerates towards your plants and the cellars of the post on the first floor that finds it, after which it slows down but it is still difficult to get rid of it and it will begin to turn it into your defenses.
  • Zombie cube boss: It is very difficult to get rid of it and you will stop eating a lot of plant grains. He has a bucket on his head, but don’t ask me how he keeps seeing where he’s going!
  • American football zombie: Complicated and very fast zombie in football clothes, it is difficult to kill him and he will rush towards your plants, so be prepared to attack some plants along the same line while running

Plants vs Zombies Game Play:

System Requirements:


  • Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz + processor
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM
  • Graphics: 128MB video memory, 16-bit or 32-bit color quality
  • DirectX: DirectX 8 or later
  • Hard disk: more than 65 MB of free hard disk space
  • Audio: DirectX compatible audio

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Plants vs Zombies Free Download Instructions:

  • -Unrar
  • -Install the Game
  • -Have Fun


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