Kindergarten Free Download Full Version PC Game

Kindergarten PC Game Download Full Version For Free

kindergarten free download

Kindergarten Free Download is an adventure-based independent game that was developed through Con Man Games and Smash Games. It was released as part of the Smash Games brand on the 16th of June 2017, for Steam. The goal for the game is be fun and not be killed, which is simple , but it’s actually not that simple. Players must attend school to create friendships and fight opponents. Following the launch of the game and the initial reviews, they were favorable and that’s why it saw a huge number of downloads. The game is playable in single-player mode, which is an extremely enjoyable experience.

Kindergarten is an abstract adventure game. You play as a pupil at a school located a bit from home.. Teacher is trying to remove all of children who are in her. They often see the janitor scrubbing the blood. The cafeteria has the same food repeatedly. Children are spotted walking around with strange devices implanted following a visit by the principal. And one of your classmates is missing. It’s your responsibility to discover what’s happening since your life could be on it. The classic kindergarten experience!

When you mention the word “game” that is that is related to kindergarten, you might imagine a fun kids’ game with cute kids. But this game for kindergarten is quite the opposite. Kindergarten Pc Download is an annoyance game. The latest offering by Con Man Games will have you struggling to make it through an entire day at the new school you have chosen to attend. The game will introduce new ways to kill with no mercy. Make wise choices, as each decision you make will determine the final outcome in the sport.

Game Story:

The primary focus of the designers of Kindergarten Pc Game Free Download is the game’s gameplay. Game controls are simple, but the most important feature is that they’re extremely engaging. The games are built on an Unity 3D engine, which makes playing the game enjoyable. The plot of the game is quite disturbing and players will learn about the details as they move through the game. The most shocking aspect of kindergarten is that the school teachers will always have guns in their possession and are able to shoot the children at any time they like without reason. Since the kids will be playing the roles of young students, it’s their responsibility to stay away from the gaze of the teachers and to avoid being killed. Players should concentrate more on rescuing themselves rather than others students.

The player is the protagonist of a boy. The goal of the player is to find the secret underground of the kindergarten. In the course of the mission you must stay away from being injured to death by the teacher or slain by the Janitor. Be sure not to lose sight The reason could be due to the facility’s manager. In this school nobody can be trusted. The teachers are known to organize fights between children and if you do anything that is not in the best interest of the cleaner it is possible to put your eyes down. Yes, the kindergarten can be brutal, just as brutal as a game that is pixelated could be. In almost every stage the hero could be killed in various ways. Apart from the incredible deaths that are the hallmark of this game, plot as well as the dialogue are equally interesting.

This game requires you’ll help kids to complete their assignments. If you’re helping Cindy to find a new companion or aiding the janitor in his fight against Bob There’s always someone in need of your assistance during the game. There are different activities that you can play, such as playing dodgeball, understanding the workings of magnets, and other typical kindergarten-related activities. When she completes her work, she is rewarded with the honor of being your boyfriend . Other tasks include taking an inhaler from an exhausted infant or inciting a battle between guardians. The overall enjoyment that the game provides isn’t something you’d like your children to witness.

Kindergarten PC Download Features:

2D graphics

The graphics appears quite different in this game. The developers have tried that the graphics remain in 2D to ensure they can ensure that the entertaining and fun aspect of the game is not lost. Graphics make this game enjoyable to play. Even when the plot is very dark and dark in tone, graphics keep the game’s atmosphere enjoyable.

Smart controls

The controls created by the creators of Kindergarten are very clever however they are basic. The controls are usually accountable for the movements of the character that students are playing. The controls are very fluid and precise, which allows players to move around the school without any issues.

Game characters that are interactive

There are many characters in the game. These include students, teachers, janitors as well as the principal. Players can interact with all of the characters on their own way. If they are considering interfacing with other characters ensure it’s a natural interaction otherwise it could be the cause of their demise.

Multiple side quests

Alongside the main plot that the players be required to complete a few side quests in order to finish the game. These side quests are usually not connected to the storyline that the game tells, however they can be quite enjoyable to accomplish. You must finish the side quests in line with the main storyline in the game. The side quests can aid players in getting used in the classroom and understand how things work here.

Kindergarten Advance Features:

  • Game language: English
  • Four indicators of success
  • cute babies
  • Four types of attendees
  • a variety of stores to shop
  • every kind of improvement
  • Free baby game


  • Unique game concept
  • Many new quests
  • New spaces are available
  • Numerous collectible cards and unlockable outfits.


  • haunting story
  • It is a representation of the bloodshed and violent violence.
  • Graphics that aren’t attractive

Game Play:

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1.6ghz
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon 4200
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage 150MB of storage space
  • Sound card Sound card

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