Prototype 1 Download Pc Highly Compressed

Prototype 1 PC Game Free Download Highly Compressed

prototype pc game free download

Prototype 1 Download pc game stylized As [PROTOTYPE]) is a 2009 open-world action-adventure computer game created by Radical Entertainment and released by Activision. The game launched in North America on June 9, 2009, and also in Southwestern North America such as Oceania on June 10, it launched in Europe on June 12. The versions for PlayStation Four and Xbox One were released on July 14, 2015, aboard the sequel as a prototype for the Biohazard Bundle. Separate versions of those games were available on August 12, 2015.

Prototype Highly compressed place in Manhattan; The game follows a powerful but amnesiac shapeshifter named Alex Mercer who must stop a Blacklight shake, a shake that mutates individuals into terrible creatures that are violent. During his pursuit, Alex tries to uncover his past while coming into conflict with the US Army. USA And it also causes embarrassing operations called Blackwatch. Parallel to the plot of the game is your ability to play the game as a sandbox-style computer game that gives the player the freedom to tour Manhattan.

Also enjoy the Action game Assassin’s Creed is an action-adventure video game. Developed and published by Radical Entertainment, Activision. It was released on June 9, 2009 for Windows. Alex’s main superpower is his ability to change shape, transforming his body into anyone. Going hand in hand with this power is your ability to “consume” others, completely absorbing them. This process allows Alex to quickly regain health by absorbing the biomass from his enemies.

Prototype game takes place in New York City when a virus infects people and the government military tries to defend itself against it. The protagonist of the story is called Alex Mercer, who has powers of absorbing enemies and changing shape. It can take memories, experiences, biomass, and physical forms from enemies through absorption. Alex can also change form to more specialized forms for attack, defense or sensory enhancement. All of these together are intended to give players multiple ways to complete their goals. Parallel to the game’s history is the ability to play the game as a sandbox-style video game that gives the player the freedom to tour New York City.

Prototype 1 download pc You are the prototype, Alex Mercer, a memoryless man armed with incredible shape-shifting abilities, making his way to the heart of the conspiracy that created you; making those responsible pay. You are the PROTOTYPE, Alex Mercer, hidden in human form. You take to the streets of New York without memory, but with unlimited power. As a terrifying viral epidemic spreads across Manhattan, top-secret Black Watch Special Forces move in, transforming it into a war zone. Delve into the mysteries of your origin, the true nature of your power and your part in a conspiracy that has been developing for 40 years.

Prototype Highly Compressed Game Story:

Alex’s main superpower is his ability to change shape, changing his body to anyone. Going hand in hand with this particular power is the ability to “swallow” others, completely absorbing them. This process allows Alex to immediately regain health by consuming the enemies’ biomass. This also allows you to choose the type of enemies you consume, allowing the participant to maneuver over the enemy along with them. The costume will only continue as long as Alex remains imperceptible.

Alex has incredible body power and will kill many people in a very lonely blow in Prototype Download. He was able to perform numerous melee attacks without changing shape, also as more gymnastic movements such as atmosphere combos were performed, gliding across the ground working with the body of any humanoid enemy, along with a high-speed rolling projectile attack. Alex can also transform Body Elements into a selection of martial implements obtained throughout the game, possibly as purchased or received updates.

Offensive powers include the large and powerful sword arm, fast and sharp claws (which could also blow huge spikes on the ground), the telescopic Whipfist, Musclemass that strengthens its power, as well as slow but powerful hammer fists. Defensive options include massive defense on Alex’s left arm for block flight attacks that must be re-evaluated after extreme damage, and completing armor that exchanges speed and agility for endurance in a melee battle; You can also allow Alex to fight through many obstacles when busy.

Features of Prototype Download:

  • A deadly act that changes shape
  • Unprecedented movement and agility
  • Cheat and destroy toys
  • New and innovative gaming experience
  • New York City is your playground
  • Action game
  • Adventure minutes
  • New York City
  • Special abilities and capabilities
  • Restore his health very quickly
  • The dangerous battle between the enemy and the player.
  • Use enemy weapons
  • Various types of challenges
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Fast and deadly fighting to change shape: reconfigure your body to the right position. Choose the right weapon for the stand from claws to blades, hammers, and whip. Go to a shield or shield to defend yourself, or use advanced sensory powers (thermal vision, injured vision) to track your enemies
  • Exaggerated movement and agility – join smoothly and smoothly from building to building, climb over walls, bounce off cars and everything in your path. Adaptive parkour allows you to move freely across open global environments in New York City.
  • Unique disguise skills: Consume anyone at any time and assume their appearance and assume their own memories and abilities.
  • A deep story driven by the plot: Wake up without even remembering the past. just mysterious powers and a link to a city in Idaho. Dig into the mysteries of your origins, the true nature of your strength and your role in a conspiracy developed 40 years ago.

Prototype 1 Game Play:

System requirements:


  • Operating system: Windows® XP (with Service Pack 3) or Windows Vista®
  • Processor: Intel® Core ™ 2 Duo 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon ™ 64 X2 4000+ or ​​better
  • Memory: Vista 2 GB RAM / XP 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: All NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800 GT 256MB and better chipset. All ATI Radeon ™ X1800 chipset 256MB and better chipset
  • DirectX®: Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Disk: 8 GB of free hard disk space
  • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card


  • Operational System: Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 3.0 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
  • RAM Free: 2 GB RAM
  • Video Card: GeForce 8800 / Radeon HD 2900
  • Disk Space (HD): 8 Gb Free
  • Directx Version: Directx 9

Download instructions:

Prototype 1 Highly Compressed

1. Burn or download the image
2. Install the game.
3. Copy the decrypted content of the guide / Crack in the image to the game installation directory
4. Play the game

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