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Fairy Tail Game Free Download Full Version

fairy tail download

Fairy Tail Game download is an action game that has the sole goal of bringing glory to the guild. In the beginning of the game, the participant must assign members of the story to group entries. This will includes friend requests as well as an opportunity to boost the rank of the group. You can then incorporate playing the game as part of your routine and begin playing the fairytale game along with you. This is a important place to be in, but the most important one being the Empire that must fight and maintain the Empire in check It has fire, ice, and other non-original sacred properties. No matter what happens, you need to win the war and everything turns dark as numerous factors of the game are at stake. To fight powerful warriors you need to be one of them. Take control of witches from various teams and take on formidable adversaries. Alongside legendary fighters, you’ll need to battle werewolves priests, witches, and other soldiers from the top guilds of the earth.

Fairy Tail Game free download is a blend of action and RPG game, where you’ll find a variety of thrilling fights against a myriad of enemies, a myriad of characters and a fascinating story. The plot and the game entire world are based off the well-known manga by the same title, which has been a favorite among gamers who love the style for a number of years. The story begins in the exact moment that the battle started at the shores of Tenru in which Dragon of Apocalypse first woke up.  Fairy Tail Game Pc blends the elements of guilds, magic and RPGs. The story is in response to a comic that tells the story of Natsu. Once upon a time, Natsu killed dragons, and later was a part of the formidable Wizard’s Guild ” Fairy Tail Game”. Your friends face a variety of different enemies, in order to protect their territory. Get lost in a world of fantasy and battle against the Fairy Tail Game Guild in a non-linear adventure.

The Magicians Guild is nearly bankrupt and ruined, the world is at risk of catastrophe, and you’re the only person who can solve everything. Join forces with other magicians to fight against a variety of enemies and set out to take over the world. At all times, you must try to reclaim the guild regardless of what. First of all it is helpful to note that the game was completely remade inspired by manga of the same name. Furthermore, the characters featured are quite like the original. Overall it looks very worth a look. The most well-known moves can be created from materials that are sourced including Unison Raid and Extreme Magic! Fairy Tail Pc Game Free download also has its first Unison Raids. The goal is to become Guild No. 1. Magnolia City, as well as the Guild is fully represented within the Guild. You must complete the tasks shown on the order board, increase the status of your guild, join your friends, and strive to be the top guild!

Game Story:

Fairy Tail Game Free is based on the mission-based JRPG structure. The majority of your gameplay is comprised of the missions and rewards that you receive from the boards within the Fairy Tail Game guild hall. The quests are made available by the community’s residents and usually comprise of standard quests and missions that provide tiny rewards in cash or experience points, as well as other things. When you complete them, it will raise the level of your guild. This can result in gradually granting you access to higher-level missions as well as upgrades to the facilities at town hall. For instance, Lisanna has a shop that allows you to purchase various items to aid you fight and upgrading the shop will allow you to purchase a range of powerful items.

When you begin, players must assign members of the story to group entries. This will includes friend requests as well as ways to improve the group’s ranking. This allows you to incorporate the game in your daily routine, and then play the game of fairytales with your friends. Round Two is a central location, the primary one being the Empire which has to defend itself and keeps many of its members It has fire, ice, and other sacred properties that aren’t original. No matter what happens, you need to prevail or else everything will turn dark as numerous factors of the game are at stake.

Killer spells are employed in combat. Learn to master the most terrifying and fiery skills to summon ghosts and monsters to aid you. Learn to learn to master time and alteration. When you advance, characters will be able to keep all acquired items and skills. They have unique abilities such as Change Mode, Dragon Force and Unison Raid. The primary element of the game is that players must fight and stand in the fight to take over the realm of Fiore. The Fairy Tail Game Free Download offers a variety of consumable items that players can purchase on the in-game shop that could be helpful in emergency situations, such as MP HP, illness status, MP and so on. The player is able to access the store owned by the guild’s facility to acquire the required consumables. .

The Fairy Tail Game itself includes components of lacrima. It also has playable DLC characters that are not playable, as well as playable characters. The plot of the game is fascinating for players to be a part in. Guild primary goal and game is to conquer, fight and endure to be the most powerful guild in the Kingdom of Fiore. The game mode includes battles that involve defense attack, magic, and defense. The new version differs from the previous one and includes different gameplay features including ice and fire and sacred features, as well as items that are not available, and light and dark modes.

Fairy Tail Game download Features:

Many websites

Fairy Tail Game offers players a variety of places to explore during Fairy Tail Game. There are a variety of locations to explore in Fairy Tail Game game. The game itself is an incredible story. The websites that players can access are as follows:

  • Tenrow Island
  • Capital highway
  • Great Plains
  • Akane Beach
  • Mount Hakone
  • border forest

Tear feature

The game comes with a distinctive feature called lacrima that is created in the lab of Levy, by capturing droplets of blood from creatures. Lacrima is classified into three distinct categories. One improves the condition of the enemy’s diseases while the other improves the player’s character while the third one ensures that it assists players to accumulate rewards points. Players have the option of recycling more than five lacrima one at the same time, and it is of the same class.

A map

Fairy Tail Game has something called candy within the game. Maps are among the most important elements of the game, which assists the player in finding the candy that is hidden. The game is comprised of only tiny quantities of candy and the player is able to identify them using the map. Most of them are hidden in barrels and boxes. The map plays an essential part in identifying the candies hidden. This assists players improve their scorecard.


One of the best highlights are the characters that are not playable in this game. They are guests in the game that join the group and immediately carry out amazing tasks. They’re strong. Some of the characters include Flare Corona, Minevera Orlando, and Ultear Milkovich. They aren’t directly playing the game, however, they display a lot of powerful magical abilities. They possess mind-blowing magical powers that make the game more exciting and enjoyable.


  • Bonus Lacrima (useful in the initial phases during the initial stages) 5
  • Erza’s Special Costume: Miss Fairy Tail Game
  • Natsu Costume “Team Fairy Tail Game A”
  • Lucy’s “Team Fairy Tail Game A”
  • Gray Uniform \” Fairy Tail Game Team A\”
  • Erza’s “Team Fairy Tail Game A”
  • Wendy’s “Team Fairy Tail Game A”
  • A special swimsuit set that is exclusive to 16 characters to play
  • Game of dress-up from the final season of Anime with 16 characters to play
  • 16 playable characters dress-up game
  • Fairy Tail Game SEASON PASS
  • A second set of buddies “Leon”

Fairy Tail Game Information:

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Role
  • Developer: KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.
  • Platform: PC
  • Game Size: 5.29 GB
  • Assembled and reassembled using: CODEX
  • Version: v1.06 (Digital Deluxe Edition) Updated version + all DLC
  • Game pre-installed


  • Fantastic combat system of combat.
  • Respects the material source


  • Terrible performance problems
  • Bad novel
  • Very simple

Game Play:

Fairy Tail System Requirements [Minimum]:

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 4460 and higher
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX either 760, or 1280x 720 on the display
  • Free disk space 10 GB
  • Video RAM: 2 GB

Fairy Tail Game System Requirements [Recommended]

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1/10 (64-bit)
  • The CPU must be Intel Core I7 4770 and higher
  • Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, or the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels on screen
  • Free disk space 10 GB
  • Video RAM: 3 GB
  • RAM: 16 GB

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How to Fairy Tail Game Free Download for Pc?

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What is the best way to enjoy the Fairy Tail Game game on Xbox One?

Fairy Tail Game is not available on Xbox One and is due to be released in July 2020 for Xbox One.

How many hours will it take the player to complete the levels in Fairy Tale?

The time needed to complete the whole Fairy Tale game is 30 hours.

Can you be a part of Fairy Tail Game in English?

The game is playable in English and is available through the publisher.

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