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Sakura Dungeon Download is a role-playing adventure game where players are given the role of a fabled Fox spirit called Yumi. The player manages the combat team that can include up to six characters that have diverse capabilities. This game is played in first person perspective and is a traditional method to navigate around websites for this type of game. The player has the option to select the level of difficulty out of three choices that are available: medium, heavy and the abyss. Based on the choice the total time of the main theme that is the main game “Sakura’s Dungeon” is changed between 15 and 25 hours in real-time. The game was developed by an independent team the game supports games boards and achievements in the custom-designed trophy categories.

The software was released on Softonic on the 29th of August 2018, and we haven’t had the chance to test it out yet. We urge you to give it a go and leave a comment or feedback on our site. It will be a huge help to all of our users! It can be difficult in certain areas. It’s a classic map, where you only mark the areas you’ve been to. The combat with the Sakura Dungeon Free Download is interesting because there is an unlimited number of players in your group, however, you can only have it is possible to have up to six players when fighting. Three are on the first row, three at the back.

The music is excellent, but the most appealing feature is the gorgeous illustration and character designs that are guaranteed to impress your and leave you uninformed in unintentional ways, etc. The music was beautifully designed by a person who is certain to be a highly skilled and under-appreciated artist who has exquisite taste. The game is intriguing and draws you in with its stunning images that are simple to look at and impossible to look away from.

About Sakura Dungeon Download:

In this story, readers will play the part of a fox spirit from the past who wakes up after a few hundreds of years of sleeping to discover an abandoned dungeon was taken away from her! As if that was not enough to worry about the dungeon was also stripped by her strength leaving her weak and fragile. It is soon discovered that it was the brave knight who woke her from her slumber. After an uninvolved fight and “negotiations” the knight is enticed to accompany her in a journey to get back the cave!

Together, they’ll discover amazing treasures, discover secrets or hidden spaces, as well as recruit monster girls to fight with their team… and all while trying to avoid traps, fighting dangersome enemies and bosses on several floors, and revealing the shady plans of a new dungeon-lord. One of the key aspects that is featured in Sakura Dungeon PC Game Free is the “capture” method, through which players will be in a position to capture the girls and monsters that he encounters and then add them to their collection.

The story of a single player begins when the protagonist awakes when he is alerted to changes that go beyond the underground treasures. The player is assigned a an extremely difficult mission – eliminate the dungeons full of enemies and reinstate the system that was created through the use of a virtual attorney. The task should be completed in the context of a multi-level shelter that has not just traditional spaces, but hidden rooms that are equipped with puzzles, traps and other challenges. In recruiting new members for her squad heroine becomes stronger, which reduces the battles with oft-seen huge bosses.

The objective of this sport is that players must stop the girls they meet on their way. With the assistance of the girls that they have captured the player will be able to deal with a group comprised of six players. They must take out the monster girls and persuade that they join the in this thrilling adventure. The player has to explore the pit’s ancient sites and complete various difficult missions. To earn specific rewards, she has to first enter in the Sakura Dungeon Download Plaza, secret zones and other activities. The player must take on and capture various kinds of monsters. The player must be aware of dangers and deadly traps in the Dungeons.

Game Story:

The Sakura Dungeon PC Game follows a newly awakened fox spirit, who discovers that her dungeon is filled with monsters who want to ruin it. The person who woke her from her sleep was a beautiful and fierce knight who was more than willing to aid. Story elements are elegantly executed, with hints of erotica that are scattered across the board. The story is intriguing and is focused on romance and thrilling monster hunting. The story does however take an off-beat approach to the game as typical of a dungeon-crawling game in which you’ll seldom find anything more than wooden spikes and stone walls.

Within you can unlock more than just clothes and you can even customize your character to wear them. The player has to fight various bosses appearing at different times in the game. He must flee from those evil schemes of new parishioners and return to his Dungeon. Sakura Dungeon is the only option to experience the most immersive gaming experience. The player, Sakura Dungeon CD Key must create his own path , and help his team win. In order to finish the game the player has to demonstrate his abilities by taking the right decisions and making the right choices.

The game is played on the first person perspective of the popular first-person dungeon crawler as you go deeper and deeper in the dark caverns of the underground labyrinths that are the basis of the game. There are over 50 kinds of monster girls, and gain access to around 30 different costumes to choose from. Additionally, you can unlock an array of other rewards, like illustrations, sprites and more. The game is expected to run for about 20 hours long. They it also has various difficulty levels, so that you can alter your gameplay. Enjoy a pleasurable journey through dark and dark dungeons, you will be surrounded with beautiful ladies.

The Sakura Dungeon gameplay is more enjoyable than you imagine. It’s a well-crafted dungeon crawler game that sees you jumping from floor to the floor of a dungeon, kicking to the ground as you move. You’ll have to work through the puzzles and riddles your companions will give you clues to and let you work out the solution. They aren’t too ambiguous and add a touch of variation for the players.

Sakura Dungeon Download Features:

  • Take control and manage a powerful group of up to six characters!
  • The first person seen with an old-fashioned dungeon crawl!
  • Three difficulty settings (Normal Hard, Normal, Abyssal) and 15-25 hours play time based on your level of skill and settings for difficulty!
  • Over 50 types of monsters to battle and take down. I must take them all!
  • Unlockable CG Gallery and Orc Gallery!
  • Over 30 game-specific outfits to explore and dress!
  • Steam Achievements!
  • A total of 15 stickers you can collect with unique wallpapers, and 9 SD Emojis!

Technical Specifications:

  • Winged Cloud    Editor
  • Windows            XP
  • Windows           Vista
  • Windows           7
  • Windows           8
  • Windows          10
  • Full version       license
  • File Size           1 GB


  • Combat that is based on turn-based tactics is enjoyable.
  • The show is excellent in every aspect.
  • Certain dialogues are quite delightful.
  • I enjoyed being able to go after an adversary and join my team.
  • A lot people in the show are enjoyable.


  • The game is censored by Steam
  • It’s shorter than the other side.
  • User rating: 1.8 (5% s votes)

Game Play:

Sakura Dungeon System Requirements:

  • Operating System: WinXP +
  • Processor: Pentium 4 1.2GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1280 x 720
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage 1 GB of free space

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