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Escape the Ayuwoki Free Download Horror Fort is a game of horror simulation Video Game where players find themselves being rescued from a gruesome creature known as Ayuwoki. The Jackson’s mansion is a terrifying place to be. mansion, you have to locate a way out before Aiyuki will catch you. The game involves getting into hiding and running around in various areas of the mansion in the hope of surviving. To escape Ayuwoki  is sure to get your heart racing , and sweating from the terror that the entire game is.

The game is straightforward the goal is to get out from the mansion by locating the red key that opens the door (red). To locate it, you’ll have to solve different tasks and solve challenges. Also , be on the lookout at “Escape the Ayuwoki Pc “… he can detect the sound of your footsteps (literally). To stay out of trouble, get caught in “hidden areas” in furniture or behind things , or under tables. You just need to look at the icon at the bottom right hand corner. If you observe an eye that has crossing lines. This signifies that you’re hidden.

Ritual worsened. The kidnappings have increased in frequency. Obsession. You awake in a strange, secluded room. What you’re aware of is that you need to go out as soon as possible, but there is…something could be lurking in the shadows. Do your best to stay alive in this harrowing experience. Simply remain still to be safe and all will go okay. Escape the Ayuwoki Download” is an adventure game that was that is based on our prototype that is now on the internet. The game offers a brand new and exciting experience of the frightening meme/noodle “Ayuwoki”.

In this game, we attempted to create a distinctive and surreal setting that is centered around the central story of the game. This is also a part of the novel world of horror is the vision of the company about for the next. The goal of the game is to get out of the mansion by solving the puzzles and finding objects that aid you in getting out from this dark and spooky location. Prepare yourself for a frightening bloody, surreal experience”.

Your search for the key can be an emergency situation. To protect yourself from predators and other creatures, you may seek the assistance of doors, furniture curtains, furniture, etc. If you hear “Heh Hey!” sound, you must immediately leave the area and take cover. They are extremely sensitive So be extremely cautious. If you locate the key, head back towards the door in front and get away from Hell.

Game Play:

Escape The Ayuwoki Free Download is developed and published by DeadlyCrow Games. It was released on November 25, 2019. Escape The Ayuwoki has received a number of favorable reviews and has an enormous worldwide fan base. The monsters that are threatening are known as Ayuwoki and they have to escape before they capture you. If you’re good at heart then this game isn’t suitable for you. Escape Ayuwoki Hotel can frighten you with its terrifying atmosphere. The game is about the players’ survival as they escape the spooky mansion. Your phobia is right there in front of your eyes. Prepare yourself to play one of these most popular game of psychological terror.

Escape the Ayuwoki Download Pc is an adventure game that provides an easy but exciting gameplay. The game’s story revolves around a player who is abducted and is locked in a dark old mansion. The aim for the player is discover the red key that is hidden within the house, and then utilize it to open the door leading to get out. To locate the key, you’ll need to solve various puzzles and tasks. Sounds easy, right? But it’s not. Although the game’s mechanic might not be novel but the game’s developers have introduced a twist that will be reminiscent of a villain who is making waves on the web. It is essential to know about Uyoki.

In this simulator for horror game, the goal is to get away from the mansion of Jackson. To accomplish this task, you have to be extra cautious because you’re new neighbors Ayuwoki is able to hear you So be extremely cautious when you jump, run or open the door of the mansion. Any noise could attract the attention of eni ayuwoki when the ayuwoki’s are close enough to hear. If you’re hiding and your lights are turned on eni Ayuwoki could take you in, so to truly remain hidden, switch off the lights while you are hiding under, in or behind furniture inside or behind the Jackson mansion.

Your protagonist is kidnapped and imprisoned in a mansion and has only one way out alive. The goal of the player is to find a key hidden in the bushes and then use it at the front entrance to gain your freedom. The character is based on Creepypasta, the Spanish villain Creepypasta is always in your mind. Escape the Ayuwoki Pc game will be rummaging through the house looking for your character. While you wander through your home, you’ll be hearing an audio track that has the sound of Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” If you hear a snore and a scream of “heh Hey,” you better run.

Escape the Ayuwoki Free Download Features:

Simple to play

Escape The Ayuwoki has flexible controls that make your escape easy and effective. Utilize the keys to navigate through the mansion. Your character will be taken for a trip through the mansion. If a threat appears, simply escape and run away.

Background music and visual effects

The game features well-defined 3D graphics that provide a real-life experience. It is possible for players to be terrified at first glance. Background music plays an important role in this terrifying scenario. There are many alarming sounds that can make you feel very uncomfortable.


Escape The Ayuwoki gives you a collection of puzzles. You must solve them and then prove. This can aid you in surviving and help you plan your escape. These puzzles will assist you to identify the key as well as other necessary items.

To explore

The players can move around in the palace , and can discover new places. You must find areas of refuge to seek assistance. Strange creatures are waiting to be found. As you progress through Escape The Ayuwoki, you will meet a variety of creatures. They’re thirsty for blood.

They are able to hear you

A interesting aspect that is unique to Escape The Ayuwoki is that Ayuwoki will be able to hear your voice through your microphone. This can be an scary scenario. What is more real in the world of video games? Stop and continue to move.


  • Game controls that are responsive
  • Effective intimidation tactics
  • Simple game mechanics
  • Smooth navigation
  • Simple game mechanics
  • Short game
  • High-quality graphics
  • Fun game concept


  • no barrier
  • It contains bloody scenes
  • Some issues
  • There aren’t any other game modes
  • There aren’t any other levels of play
  • No rewards system
  • A idiomatic

Technical Information:


Escape From Ayuwoki Horror Fort 2.4 for Android


Android 4.1

Language. Like:


Available languages:

Russian English



Updated date:

Thursday 29 November 2019,



Download Options:

APK files



Game Play:

Escape the Ayuwoki Pc Download System Requirements:

  • Requires 64-bit processor as well as operating system
  • Operating System: Windows 7 x64
  • Processor Core i5
  • Memory 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics GTX 970
  • Storage: 10GB of storage space

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