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Tattletail Free Download Game PC Full Version

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Tattletail Free Download is a the survival horror game developed by Waygetter Electronics. So, players must be careful when playing Talking Tattletail, and also make sure to be careful not to chase after the predecessor, which is known by the name of Mama Tattletail. So, the game was released through Steam on December 28th on the 28th of December. When the game was launched, it also came out with two updates. One included many endings, and the second added an extended campaign that happens after the game’s main campaign. As the game expands the game, there’s an unidentified person who continues to monitor the player’s path and says that he could not find the memories of him.

This Horror Tattletail Download project is sure to delight all fans of the genre, soaring into the dark, risky, and frightening atmosphere.  Five Nights at Freddy’s. Igrodely selected a distinctive design in which the graphics are reminiscent of the early 90’s films, but disregarding the real-life setting. The protagonist transforms into a childish boy just before Christmas gifts. Toy from the box begins to talk to him, and it becomes obvious that the boy’s mood has turned poor. Players aren’t able to meeting your every need which is why you eventually stop and begin to fall behind.

However, the game gets less exciting as time goes on. While playing the story, you’ll find out how to avoid the mother very effectively and suddenly, a lot of the terror aspect is gone. This could not occur if aesthetics or the ambience with the ambient sound were better, but the game provides a rather dull ending. This is why it doesn’t provide a guarantee or encourage players to stay for a second time.


Even though the game is about to come to an end, and the presentation isn’t anything to be praised but it should be noted that the game has quite well in many ways. The artificial intelligence that powers the mother’s brain is very nimble until you can figure out the strategies she employs. The mechanism that causes your mom to go to your website when you’re gossipy. Also, the nostalgia of the 90s is loved. Then, the next evening, the participant finds out that Tattletail Pc Download is in the dryer. There are no directions regarding how to get the game in the dryer. The player then picks the item up, puts it up, puts it back in the box and goes back to bed.

The players get a flashlight that vibrates to help them navigate in darkness however, Mama Tattletale has the ability to shut off her flashlight if it’s directed at her. Baby Talking is also terrified of dark, and has no interest in it, leading to the requirement to charge this lamp using shaking vigorously. But shaking it produces noise, which is why the person should be cautious about how and when to shake it. During playing, there is a number of “gift eggs” that are likely put out by the Tattletail eggs, are scattered throughout the home. In the end, collecting all eggs will allow the player to reach the “good finish” to the contest.

The players get a glowing flashlight to help navigate the dark. However, Mama Tattletail has the ability to “kill” her flashlight if it’s directed directly towards her. Baby Tattletail also is afraid of darkness and speaks very little about it. This makes it necessary in order to charge the light quickly by shaking it. However, shaking it produces noise, which is why the person should be cautious about the timing and location of shaking it.

Game Story:

The game’s main gameplay is that you play for 5 nights at a suburb residence and directing a tiny child. Over the course of the five days, you’ll be taking charge of Tattletail Free Download an unlicensed variant that is a variation of Furby. He’ll ask you to provide him with food and water, and play with him in the night. This sounds pretty normal in the abstract but when you mix it with the spooky environment and the dangers lurking around the house, you’ll discover that this is a more difficult fight than it was intended to be. During the game Tattletail will scatter a few eggs in the home as gifts. In the end, collecting all the eggs will increase the player’s chances of getting an enjoyable end of the match.

The primary obstacle that stands in your way is the mother gossip. The Furby Clone is exactly the same from any other clone except for his bright red eyes. But his presence is strong and you’ll be able to tell that this constant threat is present in the room. The lights will light up and the air will turn cold and, within a matter of minutes your mom will be in front of you and the game is ended. It’s an excellent method that draws inspiration from Alien: Isolation or Slender Man in certain ways. In addition in Tattletail, because Tattletail’s language requirements to constantly reveal your position and position, it creates some truly unique and thrilling moments of terror.

Then, on the night of the 3rd, person stumbles upon the old nursery that is in the basement. It is in the corner, the player can spot Mama Tattletale’s cassette that is playable using the game. The tape also includes instructions for reading that the children believed their mother was not able to get them to them since they were too far away however, they believed that their mother will locate them.

The player then tries to locate the Tattletail that created chaos and requests him to bring the Tattletail to Mom. After reaching the spot, the person finds out that Mama is gone. After that, Mama Tattletail tries to attack the player as the player tries to wash the Tattletail Highly Compressed. The first three nights are easy. In the beginning, the game teaches you the basic mechanics and controls. It’ll be simple for you to finish your nighttime hours. After that it may be challenging to enjoy the game. It’s not because of control, but due to of the game’s mechanics. The game is extremely difficult.

Tattletail Free Download Features:

  • Obeyance to the Tattletail’s cruel demands.
  • Feed, brush , and recharge the Tattletail…or it’ll never stop up.
  • The lamp should be shaken to recharge it…but be aware. Someone might listen.
  • Don’t wake Mama Tattletle
  • Do not make any loud noises near to Mama TATTLETAIL

Advanced Features:


Tattletail is a tiny egg-shaped creature, with tiny feet that resemble human feet, and a face that resembles a cat. It also has a small nose and large blue eyes along with big ears. The Tattletail is also able to talk and respond to the surroundings around it.

Method of driving

It’s constructed with an electric base, and an audio cassette that is typically put into the Kaleidoscope which brings to life the Tattletail back to its former. It is recognizable in the game through its appearance and the way it functions.

player use

Tattletails are also often watched through the eyes of the user. It also comes with three bars that can be used as handles and help players identify what Tattletail is looking for.

Game actions

The player will attempt to escape the Kaleidoscope and attempt to assist the Tattletail, and avoid the Mama Tattletail. When the player is unable to escape, he’ll try to get it back at Christmas Day.

Good graphics

The game is packed with impressive graphics that will completely keep you absorbed in the game. Graphics make up a significant part of the video game and because of this, Tattletail can be rated above the other.


  • Artificial intelligence from the enemy is still in its initial stages.
  • A fun setting from the 90s
  • A few unique and awe-inspiring horror moments.
  • Simple controls
  • Interesting game.
  • Excellent graphics.


  • The game is not for free.
  • Certain people might not be a fan of this type of terror.
  • AI will be expected in later phases of the game.
  • Audio and images are not great at most.
  • A different conclusion in the games.

Game Play:

Tattletail Minimum System Requirements

  • CPU Information
  • Dual Core CPU Speed 2.0GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or above
  • Video Card with 512MB of VRAM . Video Card
  • Free disk space 300MB
  • Video RAM is 512MB.

Recommend System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or above
  • Processor Dual Core 2.0 Processor with a GHz speed
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Graphics Video Card with the capacity of 512MB VRAM.
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 300MB available space

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