Visage PC Game Free Download Full Version

Visage Download PC Game Free Full Version

visage Download Pc Game

Visage Download is a 2020 independent psychological horror video game developed and published by SadSquare Studio.Players control Dwayne Anderson as he investigates the pasts of the residents who previously resided there in the game, which is set in a weirdly constructed mansion with a dismal history. A major section of the mansion is accessible in the first-person viewpoint game, while certain places need keys. Avoiding the dark might help gamers maintain their sanity, but there are solutions available to help them get through the night.

The playable teaser for Silent Hills served as the primary inspiration for the game’s Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns. There were various horror video games mentioned as influences, some of which were also compared to Visage. Later, it was made available for PC on October 30, 2020, and console platforms in 2021. The game received accolades for its psychological impact, audiovisual design, and tense atmosphere, but it also received criticism for its small inventory, difficult gameplay, and bugs.

Enjoy a really disturbing experience as you explore a mystery, constantly-changing mansion in a slow-moving, atmospheric universe that blends both comfortingly uncanny and horrifyingly realistic elements.

Game Story:

In Visage Pc Download Game, you have no means of resistance against the terrifying things that hunt you from around the corner, next door, or even under your feet. You’ll be able to gather essentials, engage with the environment, and look for items that might either drag you farther into or out of this nightmare. The setting and gameplay of Visage are comparable to those of its literary ancestor P.T. The game uses a first-person viewpoint and is set in an expansive suburban mansion in the 1980s. The resident of the house who killed his wife and children and then committed suicide is controlled by the player as Dwayne Anderson. Dwayne is being tortured by paranormal creatures as he is confined within the mansion. The goal of the game is to escape the home and discover what is causing all of the strange phenomena.

The home is planned as a semi-open environment, with big areas that may always be freely explored by the user and many routes connecting each location. Players must first locate the keys to each door in order to completely explore the map. While exploring, the player must deal with a number of dangers. To control their sanity, individuals will first need to stay away from gloomy locations. Dwayne loses sanity if he spends too much time in the dark, much as comparable systems in games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Second, when the player explores the home, spirits will manipulate it to produce eerie happenings. Examples include broken light bulbs, opening or slamming doors, and broken electronics. Dwayne will get more insane after seeing these things. The numerous spirits and demons that live in the house must also be avoided by Dwayne. Players must carefully navigate the home to avoid these ghosts and demons since catching them would result in immediate death. Each supernatural occurrence becomes worse as Dwayne’s mental state declines, to the point when a ghost or demon may materialise and assault the player.

Visage Environment

The setting of the game is a large home where awful things have occurred. You’ll saunter around the dismal hallways, investigate every empty room, and become lost in never-ending labyrinths while memories of the deceased family who formerly resided in this very house flood your thoughts. You are transported to places you could never even stand to imagine in this perverse world, which is devoid of any life save your own.


This home bears the scars of a sad history. Individuals went mad, a lot of people committed suicide, families were ruthlessly slaughtered by members of their own families, and other horrific things happened. Every space has an unseen canvas on which its own tale is painted. You will experience pieces of this sinister history as a player, and each of its shards will make you uneasy and afraid. You’ll soon desire to join the ranks of the dead in their pit, but dying won’t help you escape this location. Will you strive to find the truth hidden in the shadows or will you try to flee from it?


  • In Visage Download free, you have no means of resistance against the terrifying things that hunt you from around the corner, next door, or even under your feet.
  • You’ll be able to gather important components, engage with the environment, and look for items that can either help you get out of this nightmare or drag you further into it.
  • Death occurs throughout gameplay. Dark beings are drawn to horror, therefore you must avoid it at all costs.
  • You may avoid joining the ranks of the dead by keeping your mind as rational as you can.
  • has textures of excellent resolution.
  • It won’t be simple, and you’ll have to come up with strategies to keep from going crazy, like remaining in the light.
  • Has amazing sights.

Every kind of terror stems from uncertainty.
Wander around the rooms and hallways, looking around every corner of the home for a way out. The creaking and loud home will keep you on your toes as you explore it, and every crack, every quiet breath from a window, and every minor incident will bring you closer to passing away.

You’re not alone yourself.
Your deadliest enemy is fear because it draws evil spirits. The distant moans coming from further within the house aren’t that far after all, so keep your cool and avoid being terrified at all costs.

History never fades away…
In this home, horrific things often occurred. Violence and brutality leave a mark on every space, narrating tales of a shadowy past and exposing the hidden reality. A frightening fact that makes you wish you had perished here long ago. But even passing away won’t help you escape this horrible place.

The many forms of death
If you couldn’t even recognise yourself in the mirror, what would you become? Every death has a distinct face. How will you respond to them?

dark things
You’ll be troubled and haunted by the deaths of the family that perished in the home. They’ll attempt to assault you while watching you closely from every angle and following your every move. What makes them bother you? How did you act? You must determine this for yourself.

Those factors
The fundamental gameplay will include elements of the following genres, which were pioneering creators’ contributions to the history of horror games: The traditional “point-and-click” fright game, such as Phantasmagoria. Explore each area in quest of objects related to the narrative to reveal new chapters.
the ground-breaking “search-everything-everywhere” strategy with active physics that has been used by so many games since Penumbra by Frictional Games. The Silent Hill series has influenced the mind-blowing atmosphere and difficultly detailed tales from psychological horror games.

Additionally, we will go much, much deeper into the “real-life terror simulator” from P.T.


  • Stunning game visuals
  • Authentic audio effects
  • Flowing gameplay
  • Absolute nightmare


  • basic game layout
  • common horror clichés
  • not in combat
  • It takes time.

Visage Download Game Play:

visage Pc Game Free

visage Download


  • Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM Processor: Intel® CoreTM i3 or AMD RyzenTM 3
  • DirectX: Version 10 Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950 or AMD RadeonTM R7 370 Storage: 10 GB free


  • Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 or Intel Core i5
  • RAM memory: 8 GB
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480 graphics card DirectX 12
  • 10 GB of storage are available.

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Visage Free Download Instructions:

1. Select “Download Game” from the menu.
2. Download “Visage” Installer, second (Supports Resumable Downloads).
3. Launch the installer, select the installation directory, and then click Next.
4. Permit the game to download in the directory you’ve chosen.
5. Launch the game and have fun.

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