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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Full Pc Games Download

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Download

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Download is a survival horror game played in first person. Immersion, exploration, and experiencing the horror are all part of this game. An encounter that will send shivers down your spine. As you stumble along small alleyways, you hear a faraway cry. Amnesia: The Dark Descent places you in the shoes of Daniel, who wakes up in an abandoned castle with no recollection of his history. You must become a part of Daniel’s tortured recollections as you explore the hidden routes. Terror may emanate from both the outside and the within. A terrifying voyage into the dark recesses of the human psyche awaits. The final traces of memory slip into obscurity. Your mind is a jumble, and all you can think about is being pursued. You have to flee.

Daniel is unable to combat the creatures he meets, and if he is unable to evade them, he must retreat into the darkness to hide. This may make Amnesia: The Dark Descent a frightening game, since rushing blindly in the dark is the last thing you want to do! Amnesia: The Gloomy Descent’s visuals are dark and moody, but it’s the music that makes the game genuinely horrifying. Moans, screams, and other sounds enhance to your feeling of wonder and are expertly timed for maximum impact.

When you think about it, he’s correct. Amnesiacs have no weapons since our capacity to turn to violence has been taken away from us when we are powerless. If you encounter a hostile creature, you must flee and hide. The most you can hope for is to irritate them by tossing books at them, but this will only result in you losing your position and hastening your demise. To outsmart your adversaries, you must think beyond the box. Every time you see or hear anything, you scramble for shadows or hide, never knowing if the footfall you hear are an illusion or a genuine menace.

In this game, you play the character of Daniel, a young guy. Daniel wakes in one of the secret passages of the Prussian fortress of Brennenburg in the year 1839. Daniel has lost his memory, and all he remembers is his name and that someone is looking for him. He discovers a letter he made himself while standing there, bewildered, and understands he has wiped the memory, so he can no longer recall what happened to him. He also learns from that text that he must search the castle for and then murder a baron called Alexander.

Game Story:

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Pc Game Free Download is a survival horror first-person adventure game. Daniel, the player, must tour Brennenburg Castle while avoiding numerous hazards and completing puzzles. The interactivity of the physical objects utilised in the Penumbra series is maintained in the gameplay, allowing for physics-based puzzles and interactions such as opening doors and fixing equipment. Smaller objects may be kept in the inventory, while bigger items can be picked up by holding the mouse button and pushing or dragging it. Objects such as doors and levers may be moved with the mouse to simulate their movement. The game’s difficulty level may be altered before it begins, but it cannot be reset after the game has begun.

Aside from the health metre, Daniel’s mentality must be maintained, with a concentration on the “fear of the dark” mechanism. “The concept was simply that darkness itself should be the adversary,” designer Thomas Grape says. Staying in the dark for too long, experiencing distressing occurrences, or gazing directly at monsters all have a negative impact on mental health. A weaker mind generates visual and aural hallucinations, as well as a greater likelihood of attracting monsters, whilst total depletion leads in a short slowdown in mobility or death on higher levels. Light sources assist restore sanity, and if none are available, Daniel may use the fireboxes to light candles and lamps, or an oil lamp can be lit. However, the quantity of chests and oil accessible are limited, especially on higher levels.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent Free Download Features:

  • Incredible 3D graphics.
  • A dynamic audio system.
  • There are several riddles included.
  • The movements resemble those of a real human.
  • The storyline is intriguing.
  • Control interactive things.
  • Fear causes an increase in heart rate.
  • The most terrifying game of a generation: An inexplicable sensation of terror will pursue you mercilessly; a mystical argument that drives you to peer into the darkest regions of human psyche; visuals, as with any mobile horror game; puzzles based on the actual physics of the game world;
  • Open doors, pull levers, and turn valves as if your finger were an extension of your actual hand.

Game Play

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  • Fantastic surroundings
  • Beautiful sound design
  • Distinctly distinct
  • Very frightening
  • Interesting history and mood, with different endings.
  • Exciting soundtrack and sound effects Exciting physics for immersive gaming
  • A fantastic game for fans of Lovecraftian horror.


  • The game is fairly brief.
  • Character models might seem antiquated.
  • For others, the constant horror may be too much!

Amnesia: The Dark Descent System Specifications


  • Windows XP, Vista, and 7 are the supported operating systems.
  • Processor: 2.0GHz – Low-cost CPU such as Celeron
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Hard disc: 3 GB of free space
  • Radeon X1000 / GF 6 graphics – Integrated graphics
  • Version 9.0c of DirectX


  • Windows XP, Vista, and 7 are the supported operating systems.
  • Processor: 2.4GHz – Low-cost CPU such as the Celeron
  • RAM: 3 GB
  • Hard disc: 3 GB of free space
  • Radeon X1000 / GF 6 graphics – Integrated graphics
  • Version 9.0c of DirectX

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 How To Download And Install Amnesia: The Dark Descent?

  • Click the download button on the right. You will be redirected to the Amnesia: The Dark Descent Download page.
  • To finish your download, choose a mirror. If you want to use a torrent downloader, you must first download uTorrent.
  • After downloading Amnesia: The Dark Descent, open the.iso file..
  • Start the game setup from the.iso file. Install it by going to the game settings (you may leave everything at the default settings).
  • After finishing the installation, transfer the contents of the “SKIDROW” folder to the installation directory (overwriting the files already there).
  • The game may now be launched via a desktop shortcut.
  • Have fun with the game!
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