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ultimate admiral dreadnoughts Download

A genuine naval warfare game, Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts Download Pc strives to be the first of its kind. It provides players with the option to create and construct limitless varieties of realistic-looking battleships, as well as an incredibly detailed and realistic fighting model. We hope that everyone who is interested in the dreadnought period and naval combat will join our big project and help us since we are really thrilled about what we are doing.

Become the designer of strong warships, ranging from tiny torpedo boats to massive battleships! recreate well-known vessels like the HMS Dreadnought and a myriad of speculative concepts. Choose the funnel location, armour colour scheme, turret arrangement, and tower modifications to make each ship design appear and feel different. Your warships’ performance will be directly impacted by every design decision. Their hull properties, choice of internal upgrades, and weight distribution affect not just their speed and manoeuvrability but also the efficiency of their weapons.

Ultimate Admiral Dreadnought FEATURES

Become the designer of strong warships, ranging from tiny torpedo boats to massive battleships! recreate well-known vessels like the HMS Dreadnought and a myriad of speculative concepts. Make each ship stand out by adjusting the turret location, armour colour, funnel positioning, and tower variants. Their hull properties, choice of internal upgrades, and weight distribution alter not just their speed and manoeuvrability but also the efficacy of their weapons. Your vessels’ fighting prowess is significantly impacted by every design choice you make.

When your opponent may respond to your actions with a human-like and surprising behaviour, naval battle becomes immersive and seems even more realistic. The AI assesses the ideal combat range by comparing its own firepower to that of your ships and using the “Immunity Zone” theory. The AI utilises ammo carefully, pausing when required or changing round types in response to the target’s armour protection. The AI will not behave suicidally unless there is a specific mission instruction, and it will make an effort to retreat if its fleet suffers significant damage or is significantly inferior to yours.

With the Custom Battle system, you may explore and take part in naval conflicts for 10 different countries using countless combinations of ship designs from various technological periods between 1890 and 1940. There is also the “Naval Academy,” which at the moment has 56 war scenarios in which you must create a ship or a squadron to carry out a certain combat tactical job. You may practise and enjoy the game’s various cutting-edge design and combat features thanks to these countless missions.

THE OPINION (Continuously updated during Early Access)
With the sole objective of defeating your opponent by destroying his fleets and paralysing his economy, you may completely customise your fleet, engage in epic naval battles, and make pivotal strategic choices on the battlefield. Every patch will include fresh material, enhancing the campaign throughout Early Access. Every component of technology becomes available: All prior “To-Do” items that you saw in the technology tree but were not operational will now be completely operational, in addition to many more. The following are the most crucial to note:

More Features:

Submarines and ASW: The technology tree is enhanced by the addition of submarines, which you may employ to your best advantage on the campaign map. New technologies in ASW will aid in countermeasures against submarines. Fleets without light ship escorts and ASW will be particularly susceptible to subs. The submarines will only be playable on the campaign map and will carry out missions against opposing fleets and convoys that are automatically resolved. Without confronting them, special mine submarines might sink enemy with their mines.

Mines: The technology in Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts Free Download tree offers a complete range of choices for mines and minefields that may be applied to the campaign map. Mines with unique components may be placed around the ports by DD and CL. If fleets have DD or TB with specialised minesweeping equipment, they will be able to clear them out more quickly. Mine-protected ports may do significant damage to opponents trying to close in during Port Strike operations.

Ship Construction Defects: Only for the campaign, there may be a number of small or significant ship construction flaws that you may fix by spending money on construction technologies. Overpowering your ship with the newest technology may result in faulty ships if you haven’t spent enough in the technologies involved in ship development. Complex components may increase the likelihood of faults. Permanent faults include those that are “Overweight” and “Underweight,” although additional “Hull Defects” and “Weapon Defects” may be progressively fixed with refits.

New ship “Recon” rating: The fleet’s capacity to get the upper hand on offensive operations or escape danger before the enemy gets too near is considerably enhanced by the *Recon* rating, which symbolises the ship’s reconnaissance capabilities and ability to report enemy movements undetected. Recon is mostly impacted by the applicable technology as well as the ship’s qualities for spotting, detectability, and speed.

Battleships, which are large and sluggish, are anticipated to have a lower “Recon” rating than tiny cruisers and destroyers. Radio and radar technology significantly improves the capability of reconnaissance, transcending inherent limitations of bigger ships.

a variety of strategic technologies, including those that increase the highest training level possible without engaging in conflict, speed up crew training, improve power projection/invasion/protection capabilities, or even outfit transporters with greater weapons (and torpedoes). Overall, the technical components have been rebalanced and enhanced to the point where they are important and call for serious consideration as to which one to concentrate on.

Presently playable countries

  • England’s Empire
  • European Empire
  • Italian Empire German Empire
  • Imperial Austro-Hungarian
  • American Empire Russian Empire
  • Imperial Japan
  • Mexican Empire
  • Asian Empire

Campaign’s current functionality

  • Complete world map showing significant nations and colonies.
  • From 1890 through at least 1940, campaigns last.
  • The majority of the technology is prepared.
  • updating outdated battleships with more modern equipment.
  • With ship Task Forces or submarine groups, there is complete ship mobility between ports and across the ocean.
  • Battles are established via Task Force meetings or a Mission Generator system, which you may play in real-time.
  • You truly vanquish your adversaries when you command their waters and trouble their economy.

Become the designer of strong warships, ranging from tiny torpedo boats to massive battleships! A thorough 3D interface of Ultimate Admiral Dreadnought Pc Dowload allows you to replicate well-known ships like the HMS Dreadnought and numerous more speculative ideas.

Your vessels’ performance in combat will be directly impacted by every design decision. Control naval forces that range from a few divisions to a whole fleet of dozens of vessels against an AI opponent that resembles a human.

The campaign is shown in a worldwide setting on a map that covers every nation of the era. You may visit the “Naval Academy” for rapid action, where you can create ships swiftly and dispatch them to battle against AI fleets.


  • The degree of ship customization is really great.
  • It is difficult to take a tactical approach to naval confrontations.
  • a lot of flexibility possibilities


  • The naval warfare game is not the most aesthetically attractive, and the ship controls and fights seem heavy.

Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts Download Game Play:

ultimate admiral dreadnoughts Full Pc Game

ultimate admiral dreadnoughts Pc Game

Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts  MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS

  • need a 64-bit operating system and CPU.
  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Intel Core i5-2500K processor, 3.3 GHz; AMD Phenom II X4 940
  • RAM memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7870 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
  • 11th version of DirectX
  • Internet connection using a broadband network
  • 4 GB of storage are available.


  • need a 64-bit operating system and CPU.
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor speeds: AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz and Intel Core i7 3770 3.4 GHz
  • RAM memory: 8 GB
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 and AMD Radeon RX 580 graphics DirectX 11
  • Internet connection using a broadband network
  • 8 GB of storage are available.

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Run the exe programme by double clicking on the Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts folder.
Enjoy yourself and play! Remember to run the game as administrator because doing so helps to avoid crashes and other issues.

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