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Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Free Download

sniper ghost warrior 2 pc download

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Download free the exciting first-person shooter Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, game developer City Interactive has developed a mind-blowing simulator that shows what it’s like to stand behind enemy lines. When most players discuss the merits of a first-person shooter, it’s a challenge. It often depends on large-scale theatres, heavy fire, a huge amount of weapons, catchy graphics, or non-stop action. While each of these components has its place in the gaming world, many fans are also looking for a title that can produce challenging complexity and competition with a little more sophistication and slower speed.

That’s where Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Pc Download comes in, an exciting first-person shooter that offers players one of the most realistic approaches to long-range shooting techniques. The plot of this title is right, but obviously not something that has been thought about too much. As a CIA agent named Cole Anderson, the campaign will last about 8 hours, much of which appears to have been choreographed from the start. Although the levels vary between different slums, mountains and jungles, it seems that the full path of each shot has been fully programmed in advance and that the players are there for the journey. Throughout the game, players receive their orders of ignored jokes, but all of this can be excused when it comes to taking those precious shots and killing.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Free Pc Game Enjoy

Many leading FPS titles have a number of factors to consider when shooting, but few feel as fluid and realistic as Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Free. It starts with choosing a position like squatting or lying down, slowing your character’s heart rate, then adjust the movement, wind, and gravity before taking the last photo. As with the campaign, multiplayer battles are simple in competition and there are few tactical ways to understand the physics of the balls and stay as patient and calm as possible. Shoot the way you want to play Just Cause 2 is a 2010 adventure game developed by Avalanche Studios, published by Eidos Interactive Although is relatively well organized and achieves its general objectives while respecting an exceptionally tight development budget, it leaves much to be desired. For those who like slower games with some extremely satisfying action scenes, this is a great option for playing decent matches on the campaign or on multiplayer servers.

Game Plot:

The Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Free download begins when the player takes control of the Captain of the United States Navy, Cole Anderson, in the Philippines. CIA Special Agent Diaz heads to an old Russian radar post to destroy it while working on a clue that some mercenaries gathered there to negotiate a deal on a biological weapon. As Diaz destroys it, he overhears hostile conversations about the capture of a spy who works for the mercenaries’ PSC. Díaz orders a team to rescue the agent, while Anderson prepares to provide fire from a cave overlooking the complex where the soldier is being held and where the alleged deal will take place.

They save the soldier, but while Anderson oversees the deal, he sees one of the traffickers as Merinov, an old Aquantaince from his past. The entire team of game is then ambushed by an enemy sniper and everyone except Anderson is killed or captured. Anderson goes to a town to intercept the bioweapon transfer and his captured teammates. He manages to save Díaz and Gómez just as they are about to be executed, but the bioweapon is lost. Both agents team up with Anderson, but Gomez dies when he escapes from the chasing mercenaries. After successfully escaping from his pursuers, Diaz comments, “It’s Sarajevo again.”

In Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Gmae , Anderson was sent to the dungeon for disobeying direct orders (rescuing his teammates rather than securing the bio-agent weapon of mass destruction that was the main target). He recalls the events in Sarajevo in 1993 when he and his observer Carl Maddox were commissioned to photograph the genocide of Serbian forces led by Marko Vladić during the Bosnian war. You meet a Russian contact Merinov in town. After Maddox secures a vantage point and takes the photographs of the genocide, he loses his cool because he can no longer observe the atrocities and contradicts the order to kill Vladić. Anderson reluctantly follows him. Merinov shows them a collapsed building with a view of Vladić’s position.

Merinov is the Character in Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Pc Game, as he goes to find transportation for Maddox and Anderson while they ambush the Serbian commander. Anderson shoots Vladić and they run towards the extraction point. There Merinov betrays them to the Serbian armed forces and they are taken prisoner. Anderson escapes to prevent Merinov from blaming US forces for the genocide.  Anderson shoots Maddox in a moving jeep and holds the projectile from the bullet with which he shot Maddox.


  • It is a great sniper shooting game.
  • High-quality graphic and graphic effects.
  • Very interesting gameplay.
  • Based on a role of the military sniper.
  • It has a wonderful story.
  • Face powerful and dangerous enemies.
  • Many challenging missions.
  • Powerful weapons to fight enemies.
  • Easy download with a simple interface.
  • Multiplayer mode is available in this game.

Advance Key Features:

  • Motion Sense Trigger System: A groundbreaking novelty in which the way the player touches the controller affects the screenshot.
  • Realistic Ballistics: The hallmark of the Sniper franchise is the realism of its shooting dynamics. Wind speed, distance, gravity, and shot release play a crucial role in your shot performance.
  • Refined Shooting Mechanics: Proper breathing technique to stabilize your heart rate is just as important as calculating your target lap time.
  • Enhanced Enemy AI: The artificial intelligence (AI) system his completely redesigned and developed from the ground up.
  • New Specific Environments: Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Download adds new urban environments like Sarajevo and treacherous mountainous terrain to accompany the jungles as lush and deadly as ever.
  • Different levels of difficulty: to diversify the game and make it accessible to the widest group of players, CI Games presents three levels of difficulty that completely change the nature of the game. You decide
  • How you want to play: relax and become the ultimate predator, or test your skills and experience the game in expert mode.
  • Bullet Cam: Everyone’s favorite feature returns to reward expert shots and show the battlefield from a whole new angle.
  • Bullet Penetration: Obfuscation does not necessarily mean cover.  You can also try to line up your enemies and have a single round take out an entire squad. Wait till you see this on Bullet Cam!
  • Expanded List of Sniper Rifles: Try the world’s most advanced sniper rifles.  Each carefully recreated to accurately simulate modern weapons found on today’s battlefields.
  • New Gear: Tame the night with the introduction of thermal and night vision optics. As well as powerful binoculars essential for locating the enemy before they detect you.


  • Extremely complex projectile and shooting mechanism
  • Satisfactory cutting scenes for successful shots Each level has a unique design and feel


  • The entire action is weak and is interrupted by a second-order vocal output.
  • The enemy’s body mechanics is a robot. The tactical options during the campaign are extremely limited.


You have well managed control in Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 . You can hold your breath, which slows time for a while, allowing you to take a more precise picture. In general, it works like a normal first-person shooter. Night vision mode and infrared viewing mode are good, but you should rarely use them creatively.

Although it never reaches Dishonored or Hitman levels, there is a puzzle element for watching and learning soldiers’ movements. Actually it is fun to master an undetected level. The beautiful surroundings don’t allow much exploration and there isn’t an intriguing level of detail of Dishonored.


In Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Highly Compressed enemy AI can be a bit difficult to predict. If you sniff from a distance and are led by your team, this is not a problem. When fighting alone, deciding which opponents to defeat first doesn’t always produce predictable results. If you are spotted and tracked down by a few soldiers, you will find that the pistol is extremely weak for protection. Sometimes you can easily drive one enemy away from another’s neighbourhood, but if you miss it, you will usually tell everyone where you are. But not always.

Gameplay Screenshots:

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, with the latest Service Pack
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo at 2Ghz, or AMD Athlon 64 x2 2Ghz, or better
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 9Gb
  • Video Card: NVidia 8800GT with 512Mb RAM or better
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Sound: DirectX Compatible Sound Card

How To Install Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 PC Game Free Download:

1- Unpack, burn or mount
2- Install the game
3- Copy the crack from PROPHET dir to \Bin32 folder
4- Go To Hell!


Aside from the shaded AI, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is a fun, short sniping adventure. It doesn’t have the scary Sniper Elite: V2 camera, but it’s still a solid sniper game.

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