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Once hailed as Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s worst game of 2017, House Party Game Download has been winning awards since it first emerged on the adventure game scene. This sexually charged, 3D point-and-click adventure is all about player choice and partying the way you want.

Game Play:

House Party is a sandbox-style point-and-click adventure. The player interacts with various members of the group, each with different personalities and preferences. Each participant in the party offers a series of objectives that can be solved by picking up, talking, or using items on a variety of other objects and people in the game. The actions of the players throughout the game will largely dictate the gameplay and the direction of the story. Moral choices will produce different outcomes that can interrupt or open up narrative options, often leading to risky outcomes. Although players can interact with each character, they cannot build a romantic relationship with all of them. To do this, they will have to complete various missions for them. Due to its strong sexual content and themes, Twitch prevented users from streaming gameplay footage of the title, regardless of which version of the game was being played.

One big house, hundreds of choices, dozens of stories

  • Sweet news! Your buddy Derek invited you to a rager at Madison’s house. Surrounded by a group of eccentric partygoers, you must navigate your way through the night – no matter how wild it gets!
  • Step into a sandbox adventure party game where even your simplest choices can impact the game in a magnificent way.
  • Explore thousands of unique branching narratives with fifteen distinct NPCs that react based on your every remark and action, paving the way for tons of hours of wild, steamy, and hilarious entertainment.
  • House Party Game Free Download gameplay starts with the conversations and grows with the decisions made along the way. With no true ending but dozens of stories to navigate, the night is what you make it.

Hidden Items & Wild Interactions

  • Explore a two-story house jam-packed with over fifty hidden items to discover, where every object has a purpose and some can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Change the party’s music with the mp3 player, invite a surprise guest over with the laptop, get shitfaced drunk by drinking as much booze as you can find, and… well, we’ll leave the most exciting surprises up to you to discover.
  • Show these items to an NPC and they may react with varying dialogue or relationship fluctuations. If your end goal is sex, most of these hidden objects are vital for completing an NPC’s personal storyline and unlocking their steamiest scenes.
  • And sometimes you don’t need any items to cause a ruckus. House Party Game Download is an adult game, and your character comes fully “equipped” to make plenty of chaos all on their own.

NPCs (Not-Boring Party Comrades)

  • You don’t have to thank us, but we invited fifteen of our craziest and funniest acquaintances!
  • A new-to-town sorority girl willing to do wild things to fit in, the most brahsome brah around, a busty mud-wrestling southern belle, a freakishly buff straightedge dude hawk-eyeing all the booze, and many more unique personalities await.
  • Listen close and the characters will chat about your actions, conversations, and choices. Throughout the night, you may overhear information about their backstories or catch them gossiping about other guests at the party.
  • Every NPC has favorite bands, personal beliefs, policies on drugs and alcohol, friends and enemies, and party goals for the night. Fully voiced by amazingly talented voice actors and actresses, the partygoers feel vibrant and alive from the moment you set foot through the door.
  • With fifteen of the most interesting, reactive, and hysterical NPC partygoers to ever exist and a rapidly growing roster, there is always plenty of social variety around the house. All of them have inner motivations and strong personal opinions, making them fun to make various choices around and amusing to see interact with one another!

Make Friends… Or Enemies

  • As you navigate the party, your words and actions will dictate whether each NPC digs your vibe or is seconds away from knocking you the F%^# out.
  • One bad decision might get you beaten to a pulp, while a good choice might result in a sexy lady dancing topless for the rest of the night.
  • Every response you choose when speaking to an NPC changes how they feel about you. Keep an eye on your social gauges and watch your gameplay impact whether an NPC is crushing on you, feels so-so about you, sees you as a good friend, or has you on their shit list.
  • NPCs will respond differently whether they love or hate you, unlocking or blocking off potential party choices and unique interactions. Be careful with everything you do and say at this party, because one small choice can change everything.

Interact With Celebrity Cameos

  • Ever heard of the Game Grumps? Make the right choices and you may find Dan and Arin landing unexpectedly in the middle of the house party Game Download Free!
  • Explore their unique storyline, watch them hilariously navigate the festivities, and choose from one of the multiple paths to help them get back to their show!
  • Looking for a sexy Spanish tutor to hop in and shake things up? Your decisions could make Lety Does Stuff come knocking on the front door. Explore her steamy, wild, and absolutely crazy side story if you want a real taste of adventure!
  • As one of the only indie studios to ever integrate real-life celebrities into a video game, it has been a ton of fun connecting the cameos to the story and welcoming Dan, Arin, and Lety into the party.
  • Keep an eye out, because there may be more exciting cameos on the way!


  1. While nobody on our dev team has had it before, we’ve done tons of research online to find out what human sex looks like.
  2. Completing the main NPC stories on the romance path in House Party game Pc isn’t just fun and intriguing, it will also sometimes reward you with steamy encounters for various partygoers.
  3. These tantalizing sexual rewards are fully repeatable and range from kissing to oral to various intercourse positions with dudes, ladies, and groups.
  4. Whether you’re into guy love, girl love, nude hot tubbing, backyard bjs, vanilla sex, or voyeurism, you’ll have some major opportunities for sexy, romantic, or raunchy fun at this House Party!


House Party game Free Download is a point-and-click adventure set in a sandbox style. The player interacts with several different party attendees, each with distinct personalities and preferences. Each party attendee offers a series of objectives which can be solved by picking up, talking to, or using items on a variety of other objects and people in the game. Players’ actions throughout the game will dictate the gameplay and story direction heavily. Moral choices will yield different outcomes that can either cut off or open up narrative options often leading to risque outcomes.

Though players can interact with every character, they cannot build up a romantic relationship with all of them. In order to do so, they will have to complete different quests for them.

Due to its strong sexual content and themes, Twitch blocked users from streaming gameplay footage of the title, regardless of which version of the game was being played.

Why Early Access?

“With 3 years of development on House Party in the books, Early Access has allowed players to help us make the decisions along the way. This game is all about choice, and hearing from our playerbase has better helped us understand which kinds of choices are most important to the experience. The answer usually had to do with more sex positions. You can’t say we didn’t listen.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
“Our current plan is to bring House Party out of Early Access in March of 2022. We have some exciting things planned alongside our exit from Early Access, so stay tuned!”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
“Our original answer to this question was “more story!” which is something we’re still very dedicated to. But as of Summer 2019, we’ve added dozens of storylines and thousands of lines of dialogue. New characters, 30+ new items…the content is there–with much more on the way.

What we really want to hone is the interactivity for the Player with damn near everything. We want our NPCs to be reactive to everything that the Player does, and that involves a lot of writing and a lot of code. We love doing both those things, thankfully, but it takes a lot of time to get all this just right.

We are also working on custom cutscene endings for all of the characters of House Party, and a lot of that will be packed into our final update alongside experiencing the game as a female main character!

But hey, when all things are all said and done, we could accidentally build SKYNET and cause the downfall of humankind. Wish us luck!”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?
“If you look at some of the Steam reviews for House Party Pc Game, you’ll see some players have hundreds of hours already invested into the game. There is enough content and fun to be had in this game to keep you busy for friggin days.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?
“We are continually adding new things to House Party including things that may not have been in our initial vision.

That being said, we will determine the price point for the final product once we feel the game is ready to leave early access. We will only increase the price if we feel it is warranted by the amount of content we add to the game.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?
“The House Party Game community has already been a huge contributor towards making this game what it is today. Seriously, we couldn’t have reached the heights we’re at now without them.

From our forums and our Discord to our volunteer translators, to the stories being created by users of the Custom Story Creator, they’ve done so much–and that’s never going to change. <3”

Features of House Party

House Party is an interesting dating game that is most suitable for adults. If you are looking for something different, then you should try out House Party Game. For those who are yet to play it, here is a brief overview of the features you will get in the game.

Several characters

The game comes with a lot of different characters that makes it even more exciting. Every character is different and gives you different objectives to complete. You can interact with all the characters, but cannot get romantically involved with all of them.

Exciting gameplay
This game is as exciting as it sounds. The exciting gameplay is what get players addicted to this game. It is specially developed for adults as it has much explicit content. With this game, you can spice up things a notch.

Two versions available
The game is available in two different versions. One is a censored version where all the adult scenes are censored. The second version is the uncensored one that is meant for adults only.

Good graphics
Even the graphics are great. All the characters are in 3D. It may not look realistic, but for a game of this standard, the graphics are pretty great. This helps retain the interest of players.

House Party Game is one exciting adult dating game. This game is different from what you usually play. Unless you try it out, you wouldn’t know the fun involved. If you are up for some daring objectives, this is the game for

House Party Game Play:




  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: Intel Pentium G4500, AMD FX8350 or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Direct X 11 GPU w/ 2GB Available Video Memory
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 5 GB available space


  • OS: Windows 7+
  • Processor: Intel i5 6500, AMD Ryzen 3-1200 or above
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB, AMD RX570 or above
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 5 GB available space

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House Party is developed by which company?
The House Party game is developed by Eek! Games. It was launched in 2017.

What is House Party all about?
House Party is a 3D comedy dating game that has a lot of characters.

Is House Party an adult game?
House Party has two versions available. One is censored and the other is uncensored. The latter is meant only for adults.


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