Muffin Knight Free Download PC Full Version

Muffin Knight PC Download Free Version

muffin knight free Download

Muffin Knight Free Download can be described as an action-based platformer that has an enjoyable gameplay. The player will go across different places, and in different locations, and eat cupcakes. While eating a cupcake character transforms into another. Each of the 15 characters have a distinct appearance and capabilities that assist in combating common foes. Apart from the single player campaign the game, it features multiplayer and co-op. It is also worth noting the beautiful graphics and easy control.

This game centers on the story of a young boy who indulges in magical muffins without knowing it. As if he was expecting dinner, he reaches for some muffins but when he got close to it, it vanished in the air. At the same time was when a fairy appeared from the jungle , and the boy realized they were magical muffins. The fairy wants the missing muffin. So she transforms the young man into an elven knight, the Muffin Knight.

Game Story:

The game Muffin Knight Download PC Game begins by putting players on an upper level called the bridge. When players continue through the game the levels unlock. Every level is unique and features a different design and theme. The enemies and friends are distinct at each level. Whichever the level you play at but the aim remains the same. Players must get as many muffins feasible. Each when you get muffins, you change into a completely different character. Different characters have distinct abilities. This makes the game distinctive and varied. The game has the player a total of 18 characters. This includes weapons, fire, skillsor weapons, magic bananas along with rolling pumpkin head heads.

At the end of the day, the boy found himself in a small house – it was a recluse’s house with a magical inclination as you can see from it. The house was very kind and welcoming, however the first impressions are often misleading. The protagonist happily accepted the invitation of the witch to relax and sip a cup of strong tea and the delicious bread rolls that were only removed from the oven. However, after taking eating the very first one, the child magically changed into a mysterious creature and it turns out, this is just an initial stage of his new appearance.

The good thing, however it’s difficult to not take yourself too seriously. If you fail repeatedly it’s just a matter of trying again and continue to laugh. In the iOS version to the game is faulty  that forces players to go through the entire cut-scene from the backstory each when they start the game. If you’re playing a game that relies on speed-of-play it’s an incredibly oversight. However, if you are able to overcome this, and the hit or missed nature of the performance of certain characters fighting, Muffin Knight Free pc Download is goofy enjoyable fun that families with players of all age groups and abilities can enjoy.

Muffin Knight Free Download Features:

Advanced graphics

The stunning graphics entertain players when they play the game. The developers have utilized the most recent Unity engine technology to its maximum. The game is very vibrant as well as diverse and looks like a magically drawn art.

Many characters

We’ve mentioned before that players can be inn18 various characters during different phases of playing. Each character is unique , and players can enjoy their own special abilities within the game.

In-depth gameplay

The game’s gameplay is easy but enjoyable. It is possible to upgrade their game and get new characters. The more advanced the characters will give you more capabilities. Certain characters will grant you additional abilities in your hunt for muffins.

Take part in intense fights

You’ll encounter a variety of enemies on your journey. You must fight to demonstrate your abilities by employing the correct strategies and beating your opponents.

Multiplayer mode for cooperative co-operation

The greatest thing about Muffin Knight is that here you can play games with your friends online. You can play with anyone you don’t know and enjoy a thrilling gaming experience.

Advance Features:


Incredible 2.5D graphics that take the full benefit of the latest features within Unity. Unity engine.

Enjoy a captivating and vibrant world of hand-drawn artwork


You can play as 18 characters, each with their own distinctive special attacks

Explore a variety of turtles, dragons, ghosts, werewolves bats, goblins, and many other adorable fluffy creatures


Up your game to unlock new characters, and increase their capabilities

6 perks can give you additional abilities in your search for the perfect muffin


At the conclusion, you’ll need to prove your abilities by beating the evil King of Lava


Take on a rival playing your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android device in fierce head-to-head matches

Muffin Knight Download Details:

  • Devices: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
  • Pricing structure: Paid
  • Date of release: 5 September on the 5th of September, 2017.
  • Category: Action Games
  • Topics: Magic and Fantasy, Monsters, Ghosts, and Vampires
  • Publisher: Angry Mob Games
  • Version: 2.2


  • Fun for children to make muffins that are easy to eat
  • Shoot the wild sheep
  • A variety of abilities to acquire


  • There are many muffins that aren’t nutritious However, there are healthier options

Game Play:

Muffin Knight Free Download System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated Graphics (256MB)
  • Storage: 256 MB available space

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How to Muffin Knight Free Download for Pc?

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Step 4 – Download and install the file and then you can install the game
Step 5 – With a good internet connection, it will be easy to download the game
Step 6 – After the installation is complete, you can enjoy Game for free
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What platforms are the game playable?

Muffin Knight can be played on iOS, Android, Mac as well as PC platforms.

Does the game include a multiplayer feature?

Yes, it offers an online multiplayer game mode for gamers.

How many characters exist on the board game?

There are 18 playable characters available in Muffin Knight.

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