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Mass Effect 1 Download Free

mass effect 1 download pc game

Mass Effect 1 Free download pc game is an action video game developed by BioWare and originally released for the Xbox 360 console in 2007. It is the first game in the Mass Effect series, and it takes place in 2183 in the Milky Way galaxy, when civilization is endangered by an insane vehicle race. Reapers are sophisticated creatures. The player assumes the character of Commander Shepard, an elite human soldier tasked with stopping a renegade agent from carrying out the Reapers’ galactic invasion. The player must accomplish numerous objectives in the game, which mainly entail exploring space, battling the team and vehicles, and interacting with non-player characters.

Mass Effect, which was planned as the first part in a trilogy from the ground up, took three and a half years to complete and is built on Unreal Engine 3. It was intended for the player to assume the role of a key character who might make crucial decisions and impact the Mass Effect 1 plot in a variety of ways. The combat was supposed to provide the tactics and customisation of an RPG, but through a simpler, real-time third-person shooting interface. Two downloadable content packages were published in 2008 and 2009, introducing new missions to the core game.

In January 2008, the Mass Effect 1 pc game gained critical acclaim from video game media and sold over 1.5 million copies. The game’s interactive storyline and cinematic design were acclaimed by critics, but imbalanced combat mechanisms and inadequate artificial intelligence were panned. The game was named Best RPG at the 2007 Spike Video Game Awards and Role-Playing Game of the Year at the 2008 Interactive Achievement Awards. Mass Effect was released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows and 2012 for the PlayStation 3. Mass Effect 2 came out in 2010 and Mass Effect 3 came out in 2012. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, a remaster of the trilogy, will be published in 2021.

Game History:

Mass Effect is a single-player action role-playing game in which the player assumes the third-person perspective of Shepard Commander. The player chooses Shepard’s gender, looks, military history, combat training, and name before the game begins. There are six distinct character classes to choose from, each with unique skills that increase fighting ability. The colossal Mass Effect 1 Pc download globe is a map of galaxies that the player may traverse in order to uncover and complete quests. The majority of the missions that advance the plot are combat missions, whereas the optional missions usually involve the player gathering things or interacting with non-player characters.

As the player continues through the game, six more team members become available, each with their unique set of skills that may be honed. Experience points can be earned by completing objectives, fighting adversaries, or discovering and collecting things in the environment. When a significant amount of experience is achieved, the player “increases the level” and receives a number of talent points, which may be used to develop skill for both Shepard and the team members. Each skill has 12 unlocked ranks, and each rank costs one talent point.

The player’s primary mode of transportation in Mass Effect 1 is a spacecraft that serves as Shepard’s base of operations. The user may communicate with team members, buy new equipment, and travel to several planetary systems while aboard the spacecraft. Although there are many planets to study in the game, only a handful of them may be landed on and explored.

Mass Effect 1 Main features:

As Commander Shepard, lead an elite team on an action-packed heroic adventure across the galaxy.

Discover the imminent danger of an ancient threat and fight the traitor Saren and her deadly army to save civilization. The fate of your whole life depends on your actions!

  • New York Times 2007 Game of the Year
  • An impressive universe with high resolution graphics and textures
  • Optimized controls and interface for PC players
  • Includes free bonus content – Consider horrible batsmen
  • Personalize your character and start a fast-paced adventure in a captivating, open story
  • Incredible real-time character interaction
  • Exciting tactical fight when you lead an elite team of three
  • Interplanetary exploration of epic proportions

Game Play:

System requirements

  • Compatible operating system: Microsoft Windows® XP with SP2 or Windows Vista *
  • Processor: Intel P4 2.4 Ghz or faster / AMD 2.0 Ghz
  • Memory: 1.0 GB RAM or more (2.0 GB for Vista)
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible, ATI X1300 XT or later (ATI X1300, X1300 Pro, X1600 Pro, Radeon 2600 HD and HD 2400 are below the minimum system
  • requirements); NVidia GeForce 6800 or later (7300, 7600 GS, 8500 are below minimum system requirements)
  • Hard disk: 12.0 GB or more of free hard disk space
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • * WINDOWS VISTA OR WINDOWS 7 USERS: Launching “Mass Effect” on Steam requires the “Run as administrator” setting. If the Windows Vista User Account Control feature is enabled, launching “Mass Effect” on Steam will cause an error. For users with User Account Control enabled, start Steam using the “Run as administrator” option or launch it from the Windows shortcut.

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Mass Effect 1 Download Instructions:

1.Click the “Download” button.
2.Run the installer
3.Accept the user license agreements and specify the installation path
4. The installer downloads all necessary files.
5. During the download, you must activate your version of the game with a special code: download the unique activation key
6. Enter the code in the correct place: Complete the download and install the game.
7. Play!

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