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Making History The Great War PC Game Free Download

making history the great war pc game free download

Making history The Great War Download pc game The First World War marked the beginning of a new era. On the battlefields around the world, the remains of the nineteenth century are horrendously halted because the introduction of new weapons favored defensive strategies that resulted in huge losses in unhelpful attacks on fortified lines. Whole states were mobilized when citizens became an integral part of the war effort, producing the necessary supplies to keep their soldiers fighting and dying. This was an all-out war and the patriotic suffering that sowed the movements tended to revolt and revolution.

It offers a game full of historical events and challenges from the World War I era. By playing as the head of state, you are responsible for managing all aspects of the economy, diplomacy, and army in your country. Your actions will affect world events as you lead your armies in the deepest major strategy game of World War I. Will it expand your influence in the world, will it boost your nation’s resources, or will you try to form a coalition of nations? Watch how his actions affect the rise and fall of empires in one of the most detailed grand strategy games of World War I ever created.

Making History: The Great War Free Download is a great strategy game set during the turbulent era of World War I. Experience attrition fights and artillery penalties. Play like any other country at the time, as the modern world of industrial war replaces the Age of Kings with the struggle of ideologies. The game is full of historical events and challenges. By playing as the head of state, you are responsible for managing all aspects of the economy, diplomacy, and army in your country. You will change your actions of history as you lead your armies in the deepest major strategy game of World War I ever created. Also check the Napoleon Total War was developed by The creative Assembly and published by Sega.

The Game allow players to change history: Pickett charge can work if done correctly; An early Allied attack on the West could end World War II in 1939. However, all of these examples work within strict standards. Players have limited freedom of action to prevent games from being tremendously historic. Muzzy Lane’s Making History series shows how to give players great freedom without entering into science fiction alternatives. His last game, Making History: The Great War, is a great example of how intense research at some point created a game that allowed players to think and act outside the box without violating the facts of the period under study.

The graphics of this Making history The Great War download pc won’t even win with Honorable Mention in a pretty-eyed conference. The maps cover about 200 countries, colonies and reserves, and are simply smooth, as cities tend to resemble each other, misty resources even at the closest approximation, and terrain features such as rivers and mountains are not so impressive. Military sprites have the appropriate types of uniforms, but they do not inspire any “OOOH”. Some ships and aircraft, including zeppelins, are exceptions to the usual smoothness. Animation refers to movement and fighting, but can block access to the orange yellow spots that provide information about battles. Poster-like event announcements at the start of the transitions provide fun breaks of visual monotony, as is the case with the Flags of the Right Era procession.

However, the Making history The Great War game download for pc is based on functionality, not flaunting, and making history: the Great War provides functional graphical effects on swords. Twelve overlay maps provide information on issues such as diplomacy, national stability, resources, demographics, and presentation. Each map contains color-coded subcategories related to the problem; For example, the resource map is divided into resource type with production levels. By zooming in and out, these maps can provide players with a solid understanding of their empire.

This understanding is expanded by myriad tables that are accessed through seven tabs that open windows for factors such as politics, military, trade, and production. Each window, in turn, produces multiple levels of detail on the topic. The military window shows all the forces of the empire and then divides them by land, sea, and air. This division into groups for each unit type continues with an additional board to give orders at the empire level. Helpful tool tips explain each subsection of all factors in one window. You can navigate the maps and the search tree using the arrow keys or “hold” with a left click and drag the map.

Making history The Great War Pc download Features:

  • Play like any independent country during World War I.
  • Choose the best way to control your conquests: colonies, reservations, or client states.
  • Building trenches to shoot down offensive forces.
  • Soften the enemies’ defenses by artillery shelling from the vicinity.
  • Shelling with warplanes and planes, counter-attack with fighters and anti-aircraft units.
  • Control of the seas and supply lines by launching an unrestricted submarine war, both naval and merchant ships sank.
  • Buy and sell in a global economy, and exchange vital resources or manufactured products.
  • Expand your influence by using foreign aid to increase relations with other countries.
  • An advanced economic system designed to simulate the interconnection between technology, industry, and war. You must produce ammunition to unleash your large weapons and food to feed your people in Making History.
  • Government spending is used to prevent the population from radicalizing toward the insurgency, and ultimately the national meltdown.
  • Over 275 different nationalities are represented, many of them with unique exemplary groups.
  • Hundreds of models of units represent the historical weapons of the time.
  • Create custom scenarios using our detailed editor. Share your edits to Steam Workshop.

Game Play:

System requirements:


  • Operating system: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP with Service Pack 2
  • Processor: Pentium 4 or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 256MB DirectX 9.0c, 3D Shader 2.0 video card
  • DirectX: version 9.0c
  • Hard Disk: 2 GB of available space
  • Additional notes: Windows compatible keyboard and mouse

Download instructions:

Making History The Great War Download free pc
1. Burn or mount
2. Install
3. Play the game

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