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i gladiator free download pc game

I Gladiator Download pc game 2015, the newly released PC fighting game, the game contains about 33 missions, each mission allows the fighter with a new weapon and a new experience that the player can cause a variety of fights and has the best moves In-game, the game has been designed with the best images and few The size, depends on a hit that the player fights for this freedom, or dies or dies, and there are many fun things in the game that the player can play As a multiplier with a drawn player and much more containing over 100 historically accurate weapons, there will be many animal pets like their backs and others that must be killed in the game, the game is mainly taken from 300 movies and other Gladiator movies and the game is played on the computer worldwide, we will publish some action games and movies. Based on the Gladiator epic movies and games of the past, I Gladiator brings you the true feeling of Gladiator fighting.

I Gladiator Pc download Free lets you play as a gladiator in full view of a third person as you punch and blast your way in a 3D action game inspired by epic gladiator action movies plus the “swords and sandals” type. In the game, you must kill as many enemies as possible in two minutes, using intuitive gesture controls that allow you to group combos, cut and kick with quick blows in different directions. Fight several enemies simultaneously with all their own fighting styles that you must adapt and avoid traps in the arena. Find or rent new weapons and shields to upgrade your arsenal and make yourself more deadly. Also check   Wasteland 2

Free presents a non-recurring story written in Latin, with a dynamic soundtrack set in motion.  Swords, maces, spears, different fighting styles, electric attacks and main groups, aggressive enemies that attack you simultaneously, hungry lions waiting to kill, malicious traps to avoid them and put them in your favor: this game has it all! Hit them, kick them, hit them, surprise them, rub them, separate them, burn them, destroy them! Be the best fighter for him and his deities alike!

Game Play:

In I Gladiator Free download pc , Understand my advice, the fighter, To win, you will have to be cunning and powerful, develop a strategy for each level, use the arena environment to your advantage and observe and exploit the weaknesses of the enemy, and finally, but not least, beat this spoiled Roman crowd! You can enjoy the story of Rufus, the hero of the arena. Rufus was designed to be a pawn in a blood game that played between two warring Roman gods. For Rufus to control his destiny and his revenge, he must start from the bottom and make his way through a series of increasingly difficult tournaments in different locations. Never give up and get your pride back!

It is a free computer role-playing game released on April 7, 2015, I Gladiator is an action, adventure and indie video game. This game was developed by Steel Monkeys and published by Next Dimension Game Adventures Ltd. And be sure to share this site with your friends. Based on the epic Gladiator movies and games of the past, Gladiator Me brings you the true feeling of Gladiator fighting. Hit them, hit them, hit them, surprise them, rub them, separate them, burn them, destroy them! Be the best fighter that encourages him and his deities alike! Run traps to instantly kill your enemies and win the favor of the crowd by implementing ingenious combos

I Gladiator Download Features

  • Multilayer PLATFORM and leaderboards
  • 80 specially packaged levels specially rebalanced for steam release
  • Over 100 precision weapons and shields to unlock
  • 20 hours of adrenaline play: different enemies simultaneously, each with a unique fighting style. A really messy square!
  • Incredible comics like graphics and MISTIC STORYLINE professionally expressed in Latin for a true historical feel.
  • GAMEPAD, mouse or keyboard controls
  • Great interactive environment
  • Use bonfires, traps, and other items to win … or lose
  • Black Hungry VICIOUS to ruin your day!
  • Reveal your enemies if you master special hits!
  • Enter the bloody Roman crowd for additional income

I Gladiator Game Play:

System Requirements:


  • Operating system: Windows® XP / 7/8
  • Processor: Intel P4 3.0GHz or similar AMD
  • Memory: 1 GB of RAM
  • Graphics: nVidia GeForce 6800 Ultra or ATi Radeon X1800 XT or better
  • DirectX: version 9.0c
  • Sound card: DirectX 9.0c support


I.Gladiator Pc Download
1. a mountain
2. Install the game
3. Copy the crack
4. Play!


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