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Fate Free Download is a single-player RPG developed through Wild Tangent to PC. Dungeon crawlers are another name for this genre of game. In it, players control a character that they must lead through countless jail levels and monster fights in order to complete missions, gather priceless treasure and gold, gain more credits, and develop their talents.highway. In the adjacent city It’s via the savage prison gates that fame, excitement, and good fortune are shown.

Consult the locals for guidance and use weapons and mystical spells to strengthen your position.The power of your pet keeps you safe from monsters that prowl the eerie, dark passageways.It’s clear that Fate is a great game because it’s thrilling and brings back memories of Diablo and Diablo.Amazing techniques and motions in a 3D world. Navigate through countless replays and levels.

Game Story:

In Fate, you can swiftly move and attack by using function keys. Use spells and potions to activate by using specific buttons. Players can collect different rewards for missions. When you complete the mission, you will be awarded gems, points or other items. This is how you progress through Ecbatan and fight T’Kala, the evil. When a character has earned enough points in experience, they’re advanced to the next level of character and awarded five attribute points as well as 2 skill points.

The expansion of the attributes (Strength Dexterity and Magic) lets the character make use of more weapons on ground, in addition to other spells. While skills can refer to abilities in particular aspects such as Sword Skill, with Magic Charm Critical Hit Skill, and others. The armor, weapons, and other items include slots where players can place precious pearls in order that he can modify them in the future. The existence of sockets does not mean that there are more demands for using an item, but it actually makes it more valuable. In addition the Grove resident who is a loud singer, may be paid to increase the fame of the character which allows intelligent players to purchase skills points.

Fate Game Download Features:


It is possible to take on your enemies using weapons like axes, batons, swords bows, knives sticks, and spells. Additionally but in this magical city you can also make use of spells to defend yourself.

Multiple levels

The Cursed King: Destiny offers multiple levels and are distinct from each other. Players will find plenty of individuality in each. Three dungeons are available available in the adventure: Haunted Palace Caverns of the Living Fire along with Crypt of T’Kala.

Character development

When playing Fate The King of the Cursed, you have the option to select from five different races which include humans shadow elves and shadow elves as well as half orcs and orcs and orcs. As you progress in the game your character will evolve. The character you created was a blank slate at the beginning in the game.

Earn money playing the game

You can sell your loot and gamble. This is the way to gain more cash from the game. Through earned coins, you are able to purchase all the essential items.

Game Play:

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8
  • Processors: 800MHz or more
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • Graphics accelerator: 16MB of 3D graphic memory.
  • DirectX: Version 8.0
  • Storage: 400MB of free space

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