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duke nukem manhattan project Download

Arush Entertainment and 3D Realms worked together to create and distribute Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Download Pc, a platform game created by Sunstorm Interactive. On May 14, 2002, in North America, and on June 14, 2002, in Europe, it became available for Microsoft Windows. On June 23, 2010, 3D Realms would release a version of the game for the Xbox 360. On January 9, 2014, an iOS port would be made available.

Duke Nukem, an entertainingly chauvinistic action hero, must once again rescue the day in Manhattan Project. Fighting the wicked mad scientist Mech Morphix this time, who is turning animals into dangerous monsters and gaining control of Manhattan Island in New York City using a radioactive slime called G.L.O.P.P. (Gluon Liquid Omega-Phased Plasma). Alligators, rats, cockroaches, and wild boars are some of these animals. There are also other adversaries that have not undergone any mutations, such as the FemMech, a savage and agile female robot that carries a deadly whip. There are identifiable portions of New York City throughout the game’s levels.

With these newly released masterpieces, you may relive Duke’s dynasty’s era of battlelords, explosives, and gargoyles. Relive the days when the King of Action didn’t need auto-aim or regeneration health, when the focus of the games was on the action, and when characters were strong enough to carry as many weapons as they desired.

With a game that, together with the re-release of Duke’s first two adventures, celebrates a series that has had a significant effect on an entire industry and best captures Duke in a manner that no other game could, you can celebrate Duke Nukem’s 20th anniversary in sunshade-wearing, quick-quipping style.

Game Story:

A 3D engine called Prism3D was used to create Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Pc Download. While mobility is limited to a two-dimensional plane, the levels and characters are completely three-dimensional. The camera and Duke may both move along any axis. The player may zoom in and out using the 3D engine to concentrate on the opponent coming or a general view of the field. Duke is capable of running, jumping, and sliding kicks under a tiny counter area.

The game is divided into 8 chapters, each of which consists of three sections. Each section requires the player to rescue a “babe” attached to a GLOPP bomb and locate a coloured keycard to open the door to the next section. The player may employ a jetpack at several points to soar across wide spaces or dangerous terrain. With just buttons for leaping, moving, shooting, and changing weapons, the controls are also quite simple to get accustomed to. Players may also change the camera to any angle and snap screenshots by using a trick. A level editor by the name of “PrismEd” is included on the game CD, however level authoring for the game never gained much popularity among players, and there is presently just a very small level editing community.

On the surface, the phantasmagorical adversaries will be waiting. A pig-maker in armour with a shotgun, a crocodile with guns and a sombrero. Duke defeats armies of monsters to reach the insane scientist, whose progeny they are all. If little insects cross the hero’s path, it is best to crush them ahead of time once again until they evolve into enormous insects that are the size of a human. You need to deal with Morfix once and for all after finding the subterranean complex where his headquarters are located in order to end the mayhem that he was able to cause in such a short period of time.

The visuals of Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Free Download are simple yet powerful. The 3D provides visual stimulation, and the level design, although not very inventive, keeps things entertaining. The game, in example, has several little scripted segments that inject some comedy and enjoyment into otherwise dull moments. The music itself isn’t worth another listen, but Duke himself always has something to say, from his macho remarks on the deaths of his many foes to his misogynistic bluster. Frankly, I just found myself paying more attention to the TV than the game. Fans beware—this game’s biggest feature is its cost.


  • A Good Day To Duke: Rip ’em a new one with 9 all-new weapons, including the powerful “press-to-kill-everything” X-3000, the G.L.O.P.P. Ray, the Pipe Bomb, and Pulse Cannon.
  • 8 enormous levels, including Rooftop Rebellion, Chinatown Chiller, Metro Madness, Unholy Underworld, Fearsome Factory, Tanker Trouble, and Deviant Drilling, are spread over different areas of New York City. The last level is, shall we say, rather out of town.
  • Blow, hop, and smart-ass your way through more than 25 foes, including Roachoids, Gator Grunts, and Pig Police, in Evil Has A Snout.

3D Engine Prism
The Prism 3D engine is used to create the video game Duke Nukem Manhattan Project, which gives it a much more fluid feel. While being rather ancient, this engine is not at all sluggish. The engine is one of the factors contributing to the game’s quick loading times.

with a New York base
The whole setting of Duke Nukem Manhattan Project is New York, and players will have the opportunity to explore the city anyway they choose while playing the game. Almost exact replicas of the real New York City may be found in the game’s architectural structures.

Play across platforms
Players may compete against friends from other platforms in the game Duke Nukem Manhattan Project, which is accessible on many different platforms. The only game option that allows for cross-platform play is co-op. For the co-op option to function properly, players will require a reliable internet connection.

Recurrent Updates
Although being more than 19 years old, Duke Nukem Manhattan Project is still quite current. Duke Nukem Manhattan Project’s creators are constantly upgrading the game to ensure that it is free of bugs and mistakes for a better gaming experience.

Game Play:

duke nukem manhattan project Pc Download

duke nukem manhattan project Pc Game

Minimum System Requirement for Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Download

  • Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon MP processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX 400 64MB or AMD Radeon 7000 64MB for graphics
  • RAM: 0MB
  • HDD: 0MB
  • Graphics card compatible with DirectX 8

Recommended: Duke Nukem Manhattan Project

  • Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon MP processor.
  • NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX 400 64MB or AMD Radeon 7000 64MB for graphics.
  • RAM: 0MB.
  • HDD: 0MB.
  • Graphics card that supports DirectX 8.

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Duke Nukem Manhattan Project Download Instructions

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Step 3: An official download will start with a free installer.
Step 4: Download the file and instal it so you can later instal the game.
Step 5: If you have a reliable internet connection, downloading the game will be easy.
Step 6: Duke Nukem Manhattan Project is a free PC game to play. Please get in contact with me if you continue to have problems or want to report any defects once installation is complete.


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