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For 1-4 people, DEVOUR Download Pc Game is a cooperative survival horror game. Before a demonic cult leader leads you to hell with her, stop her. Run. Scream. Hide. Just avoid being caught. In this one-of-a-kind online cooperative experience, you may take control of up to four cult members and must cooperate to defeat Anna, a possessed cult leader who is determined to drag you to hell with her. Just for dedicated gamers. You will be doing all the yelling in this mode. Playthroughs of DEVOUR are never the same. You’ll need a laser-like crew and flawless execution, with each session lasting up to an hour, to stop Anna. The Watchers of Azazel commander Anna Puerta just carried out an unlawful ceremony in the mistaken belief that she could call forth and command the actual goat demon. However, something went awry, and Azazel now controls her.

Game Story:

The obliteration of 10 totems is the main mechanism of Devour Pc Download (whether goats, eggs, or rats). For the first two maps, “Farmhouse” and “Asylum,” doing so entails locating a fuel item and using it to destroy the totem. The totems themselves must be created at one site before being destroyed at another location for the later maps “Inn” and “Town,” which slows down progress.

The principal demon of the particular map and hordes of smaller hostiles are the two types of threats that the player faces. The main demon roams the whole area before turning to pursue a player. The player will be knocked out and taken to a random spot on the map if the attack is successful. As totems are destroyed, the speed, rate of pursuit, and difficulty to stagger all rise. The smaller enemies appear randomly all around the map. They may be immediately killed by the player, in contrast to the principal demon, who needs many seconds of touch to knock a player out. The rate of spawning greatly rises when totems are destroyed. The game is over if every member of the group is knocked out at once.

DEVOUR Download Key Features:


Online co-op for 1-4 players

  • In this unique online cooperative experience, you may take control of up to 4 cult members and must cooperate to stop possessed cultists who are determined to drag you to hell with them.
  • Individual player mode
  • just for dedicated gamers. You will be doing all the yelling in this mode.
  • Playing that is difficult No two DEV
  • Playthroughs with US are always the same. You’ll need a laser-focused team and flawless execution, with each session lasting up to an hour, to halt the evil.


The goat demon Azazel appears in a horrifying new form in each themed DEVOUR map, along with brand-new places to explore, objects to gather, enemies to fend off, and prohibited rituals to carry out.

Free the possessed by demons: Your objective is to release the cultists from Azazel’s control. Work together in a race against time to locate crucial ritual components on each map, some of which may be living and recalcitrant.
Increased difficulty: As the game proceeds, each possessed cultist’s wrath, speed, and the quantity of fiends they produce to stop you all grow. Your UV lamp is your only defence.
Replayability: There are never two identical games thanks to the randomization of locked doors, ritual artefacts, and item spawning. Additionally, DEVOUR’s unpredictable AI ups the ante and forces you to second-guess every action.
Player development: With each playtime, players gain experience, raising their Cult Rank and accruing Ritual Tokens. These are utilised to unlock beneficial Perks, which might spell the difference between a painless death or live to expel another monster.
nightmare setting: Without breaking a sweat, win the game? For the hardest difficulty, try Nightmare mode.
Multiplayer capabilities: Utilize our positional voice chat while playing. Bring friends, or use the server finder to discover other players.
complete VR support: Are you prepared to step it up? Play DEVOUR in virtual reality without making any further purchases.

Inferno on Earth
Overall, DEVOUR Free Download is unquestionably a terrifying and unforgettable game that every lover of the horror genre should play. With its randomly generated levels, it is very replayable, tough, and nicely planned. You’re going to have a heck of a fun with it whether you intend to play it by yourself or with buddies.

The Monitors: The Watchers, a two-player online cooperative game, has a predecessor called DEVOUR. Play as Luisa and Frederico, Anna’s estranged children, as they search for their missing mother.
Warning: Flashing lights in this game may be hazardous for anyone who have photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitive diseases. A player’s best judgement is suggested.

  • levels produced at random
  • Horror Mode CONS
  • Those who are sensitive to bright, flashing lights shouldn’t use this.


  • It’s a lot of fun.
  • The sister with the black hair is lovely and she looks fantastic.
  • Perhaps the sister has been arresting people for the son-in-law because she has been alone for too long.
  • She is a member of the Animal Protection Association, by the way.

Game Play:

devour Pc Download

MINIMUM System Requirements:

  • Need a 64-bit operating system and CPU.
  • Windows 10 64-bit OS
  • Intel i5 or new-generation i3 or AMD equivalent
  • RAM memory: 6 GB
  • Visualization: 2GB Video RAM
  • 10th version of DirectX
  • 4 GB of storage are available.

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DEVOUR Download Instructions

Step 1: Click the Download button to get to our download page.
Step 2: Choose the Download button
Step 3: An official download will start with a free installer.
Step 4: Download the file and instal it so you can later instal the game.
Step 5: If you have a reliable internet connection, downloading the game will be easy.
Step 6: DEVOUR is a free PC game to play. Please get in contact with me if you continue to have problems or want to report any defects once installation is complete.

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