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Dangerous Driving Download is an exciting racing game. Three Fields Entertainment is trying to distribute it again by producing great games similar to Burnout. You can take the wheel and be as devastating as you want on 30 different maps from seven locations. Putting your anger on the rails is rewarding. The more you play, the higher the chance to unlock cars and get additional abilities. The online multiplayer element gives a strong influence to the classic speed game. It is recommended to run the game on Windows 10 with at least 8 GB of RAM, which is not too much.

Dangerous driving is all about driving as players in the race experience a unique type of driving. The game gives players the opportunity to try out different driving styles. Players can drive at high speed, even in traffic jams attacking other cars in front of them. The game is designed in the classic arcade format and resembles the equipment of the 80’s and 90’s. Dangerous Driving 2 will be distributed worldwide via one-time purchase through publisher Three Fields Entertainment. At the moment, the game phase is under development.

The Dangerous Driving Free Download pays homage to the rest of the exhaustion modes, including racing, showdowns, eliminations, a fiery lap (now called Shakedown), and most notably, Road Rage mode. It feels more sacred and sad than ever hitting the bumper in front of you at 150mph, especially knowing you’ll be sending it over the rail in a fiery blast and getting rewarded for it. Later versions of Road Rage: You get at least one in each of the six vehicle-specific campaigns, adds welcome wrinkles and difficult ones, like asking you to smash rivals into civilian traffic for a query.

Dangerous driving focuses on aggressive, high-speed driving. It’s about real leadership. You will get rewards if you take risks in the game, such as points and upgrades. A slow replay of the crashes will show you that the cars are warped, while a special crash mode has also been introduced to the game. By setting up the collision, you can cause as much damage as possible to your vehicle. A slow crash will allow you to crash anywhere, anytime. Dangerous driving on land in everyday cars changes you when high speed weave in and out of traffic and crash into other cars on the right of the road.

Game Story:

The main gameplay of Dangerous is broken down in a very simple way. You will first enter the Dangerous Driving Tour. Here you can test your skills through the ranks of each type of vehicle. At first, you’ll have to earn your stripes through a class of sedans, and then work your way up to first-class cars. Initially, before starting the game, players need to select the track and vehicle to be ready to race with other racers, and the game also offers players a multiplayer mode where players can race with friends. Players with the help of artificial intelligence or computer controlled online players can compete on the track.

There are several different types of racing in dangerous driving. You can meet an opponent head-on, race to the next checkpoint, or beat five other drivers. In each race, you will have to face a series of different obstacles. Those obstacles come in the form of oncoming traffic and potential accidents from your opponents. If you think you are a defensive driver, it would be wise to go more offensive in order to survive after completing the races ahead of you.

As we all know Dangerous Driving Pc Download is a sequel to Burnout game series, some blocking features are similar to Burnout game series. Players can make use of track-sized cliff elements to avoid damaging them. Damages are also called “eliminations” in stunt driving games. Players can also temporarily prevent their opponents from racing until their cars return. Players can continue the game after redeploying their cars.

One of the founding goals of Three Fields was to recreate Burnout on its own terms. Since they were such a small team (up to seven at the time of Dangerous Driving compared to the 90th team they had when Burnout 3: Takedown was released), and lacked the assets they had from Criterion, they had to take a more aggressive approach. slow. to that goal, and instead planned to develop less ambitious games, all aimed at providing the internal support they needed to get to Burnout.

Dangerous Driving Download Features:

variety of cars

Dangerous driving has improved players with a wide variety of cars. There are a total of 26 vehicles that the player will be able to unlock through combinations of 400 colors, vehicles, paints and classes. Isn’t that great? Players can also choose different car classes like Coupe, Supercar, Sedan, SUV, Formula DD and Hypercar. It can be useful for players as they can choose a wide range of cars along with many combinations.

heat wave chains

The series of heat waves are the events that please during the race. The main advantage of the heat wave changes is that players will not suffer eliminations. This will help the player to increase speed and progress through the levels. The player will be able to set the car in the combo set for the heat wave event which helps the car run at top speed. The player can use Heatwave Chains during gameplay to increase their score on the scorecard. The Heatwave series is one of the unique features of the game as it leaves the player in perfect condition.

Spotify integration

Most of us love listening to music on Spotify. The unique aspect of the game is that the player can integrate Spotify into the game so that he can set up his own music system. Players can also authorize Spotify premium account in game audio. This is one of the latest features that have been installed in this game. Players can also follow something called Three Fields to listen to the playlist of their dreams. Music plays a very important role in elevating the games as it motivates the player to drive fast.

Wide range of game modes

There are nine different types of single player modes associated with a total of 69 events. This is a very noticeable thing in the game as it keeps the player engaged throughout the game. There are races called knockouts where the player fights to survive for five laps and one head-to-head. The game also offers players a multiplayer mode where they can compete against their friends to play the game. This could be fun.

Dangerous Driving Free Download INCLUDED DLC:

  • Computer controlled racers.
  • Exciting driving.
  • Racing simulator.
  • nitro meter


  • Exciting game modes
  • Good competitive item
  • Various game maps offered


  • Has a tendency to drop out
  • Graphics need improvement
  • There is no multiplayer mode

Game Play:

Dangerous Driving Minimum System requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: INTEL 2GHz Dual Core
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Video memory: 256MB
  • Sound card: DirectX compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 15 GB Free

Recommended Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: INTEL Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Video memory: 512MB
  • Sound card: DirectX compatible
  • DirectX: 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 15 GB Free

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What are the platforms through which players can access the dangerous driving update?
Players can access Dangerous Driving on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

What are the different modes in which the player can play the dangerous driving update?
Players can play Dangerous Driving Updated in both single and multiplayer modes.

Is the Burnout series a sequel to the dangerous driving update?
Yes, the Burnout series is a continuation of the dangerous driving update.

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