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EA Sports Cricket 2007 Download Pc Game

cricket 07 download

A 2006 cricket simulation video game called Cricket 2007 Download Pc Game was created by EA Canada and HB Studios and released by EA Sports. Both PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows support it. The game was made available on November 26, 2006, in Europe, and November 14, 2006, in Australia. Cricket 07’s cover image shows English cricketer Andrew Flintoff. This is the final cricket video game that EA Sports will release. The countries that play cricket have given this game enormous popularity, and several patches have been created to keep it current.

In November 2006, EA SPORTS Cricket made its debut on PlayStation and Windows. The well-known EA label published the vintage sports game, which was created by HB Studios. This is a cricket simulation game with excellent graphics, an exciting gaming environment, and accurate gameplay mechanics. With all the various customization choices, you won’t get bored while playing this game.

Limited overs contests (50, 20, 10 or 5 overs), four-day first-class matches, and full-length test matches are all included in the EA SPORTS CRICKET 2007 PC Game (5 days). In EA Sports 2007, you may choose various locations, fields, and weather conditions. There are various foreign locations, including Eden Gardens in India and Lord’s in England. The player has the ability to alter the pitches and statuses of the locations. Additionally, it includes improved player control, the Ashes portion, and pure stroke play. Players may participate in a variety of national and international contests via the game.

There are undoubtedly many cricket fans out there who have at least once considered and pondered what it could be like to inhabit the bodies of the cricket stars they like. Even if you couldn’t achieve it in real life, you may make your fantasy come true in the game world. In an effort to simulate real-life events, simulation games are renowned for their realistic techniques. One such game that allows you to fulfil your goal, although only in a virtual setting, is Cricket 07 This game is one of a number of them in a series. You may continue reading to learn more about the game. We have provided you with a quick overview of the game, which includes the gameplay and the features it has to offer to its users.

Game Story:

A variety of game formats are included in Cricket 07, such as limited overs matches (50, 20, 10 or 5 overs), four-day first-class matches, and lengthy test matches (5 days). Different pitches and weather options are available at various locations. There are numerous international locations, including Lord’s in England and Eden Gardens in India. The player can alter the pitch type and conditions at the various locations.

There are numerous different play modes in this game, making it the most thrilling cricket 2007 pc game ever created. Either choose a time-limited game mode or choose the four-day first-class mode. In the limited over mode, you have a choice of 5 to 50 overs. There are several competitions in this game, such as the World Cup and World Series. Knockout competitions including the prestigious Series of Ashes. Cricket 2007 for PC is simple to download utilising one method and is incredibly entertaining to play. Cricket test matches between the two sides might be played in addition to these competitions. Cricket 2007 download for Windows 10 allows you to play complete matches in the Ashes Series mode and participate in specific situations. In this game, there were a lot of 18 teams. The visuals and pictures in this game, ea sports cricket 2007, are very breathtaking.

Cricket 2007 Free Download Features:

Genuine Content

Initially in an EA SPORTS game “The play of the day benefits from the authenticity of renowned cricket bat manufacturers Gray-Nicolls, Puma, Slazenger, Kookaburra, and Gunn & Moore. Play out a nail-biting match against the faithfully recreated backdrop of a legendary international venue or a beloved domestic ground, and enjoy the big game atmosphere with new broadcast visuals, wicket textures, and insightful new commentary from the master broadcast team of Mark Nicholas and Richie Benaud.

Higher Depth

You can make quick decisions in the middle thanks to a new picture-in-picture display with a shot timing gauge, a running assistance indicator, and radar. You can increase the pressure on the batsmen by switching the field and the bowler’s line of attack without pausing the game with On-the-Fly Dynamic Field Positioning and Quickswitch bowling.


Because of the revolutionary EA SPORTS “As a result of the Century Stick control system, batting is now more logical, responsive, and enjoyable than ever. The usage of both analogue sticks gives players complete control over their choice of foot, shot, direction, power, and timing for the first time in a cricket game. The left stick is used to choose between a back or front foot stroke, and the right stick is used to determine the timing and direction of the shot. The distance that the stick is pushed determines how powerful the stroke is; a small tap may quickly nudge the ball for a single, while a forceful push can send the ball whizzing over to the boundary. Cricket has never been more accessible thanks to new cameras that provide a broader field view and a more realistic look from behind the stumps when batting. You won’t find a more true cricket experience outside of wearing whites and ascending the pavilion steps yourself, thanks to improved gameplay, a variety of events, real gear, and knowledgeable new commentary from Mark Nicholas and Richie Benaud.


Control Choose your foot placement, shot direction, power, and timing with the Century Stick batting system’s straightforward dual analogue controls. You may launch a wide variety of strokes all around the wicket thanks to button controls that let you loft shots and move down the course. Success with the bat also depends on the unique abilities and confidence of your hitter. Maintaining strong confidence may make or break a batter’s ability to compile a significant innings. A confident batsman maximises his capability to time his strokes nicely.

Modern cameras

A redesigned Broadcast camera provides you a broader view of the action for more accurate coverage, while novel perspectives from behind the batter provide a genuine batting viewpoint.


Cricket Set your own pace and play cricket the way you want to. Play a fast-blast match of hard-hitting sixes by turning up the game speed and lowering the difficulty setting, or turn it up and prepare for a five-day Test by slowing down the tempo and raising the difficulty level.


Options Lead the highly awaited 3 mobile Ashes Down Under campaign this year, relive the iconic 2005 npower Test Series, or gain a tonne of goodies by completing Ashes challenges. Take part in the frenzied English and Australian One Day blitz of extreme Twenty20 cricket, which is fully loaded and licenced, explore a full calendar of Australian State and English County tournaments, travel the globe, capture the World Championship, or compete for glory in Test matches and One Day Series games with all the top cricketing nations of the world.


  • Provides a variety of game modes.
  • includes a large number of players and teams.
  • Features commentary and voiceovers and offers a variety of venue options


  • The graphics are a little old.

Game Play:

cricket 07 download

Minimum Requirements:

  • Pentium III 1 GHz or Athlon comparable processor DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 32 MB of 3D acceleration Windows 7, 8, or 10 64-bit
    Hard disc storage of 1.2 GB

Recommended Conditions

  • Pentium 4 2 GHz or Athlon comparable processor with 512 MB of RAM and DirectX 9.0c compatibility with a 128 MB graphics card running Windows 7, 8, or 10
    Hard disc storage of 1.2 GB

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Instructions For Downloading Cricket 2007 For The PC

Step 1: To access our download page, click the Download button.
Step 2: Select the Cricket 2007 Download PC Download button.
Step 3: A Free Installer Will Begin Your Download.
Step 4: Download and instal the file so that you can instal the game later.
Step 5: Downloading the game will be simple with a strong internet connection.
Step 6: You Can Play Cricket 2007 Download PC for free Once Installation Is Complete
Please get in touch with me if you continue to have issues or wish to report any bugs.

What about the controls on the keyboard?

The keyboard controls in EA Cricket might be challenging for a beginner to understand. But after you understand the button layout, the game won’t be too difficult to play. You can play big cricketing shots, use the field more effectively, and kick deliveries more quickly in EA SPORTS Cricket by setting keys for specific movements. You can also engage in a few sophisticated plays by combining some uncommon moves.

A venerable Windows PC game

Despite being a classic Windows game, EA SPORTS Cricket doesn’t have the same level of popularity as other video games like FIFA and NBA. It does, however, nonetheless have a cult following. The game has great visual presentation, engaging gameplay, and outstanding visuals. In fact, the visuals make it seem as if you are watching a real cricket match.


Check out the PC version of EA SPORTS Cricket 2007 if you want to play a different kind of sports game. I know that the UK and Australia like this game a lot. Baseball and this are somewhat comparable. There are 11 players on the field for each side, and you must strike the ball with a cricket bat to win the race. I appreciate that there are numerous licenced teams available in this edition for use and play. I think the graphics are decent but not overly fancy. However, the game’s audio quality is excellent. Additionally, I initially found the gameplay to be quite challenging. Control is a bit challenging, and you must be very exact and strike the ball at the ideal moment. I also like playing World Championship mode. You may do this to compete for the World Cup championship against teams from other nations. EA SPORTS Cricket 2007 Game is a solid title that provides thrilling matches and a great gaming experience overall.

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