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Artificial Academy 2 Download is a simulation game made by Illusion and launched on June 10, 2011. It is a spin-off of the same studio’s Artificial Girl series. The game is a social simulation for high school students that you may develop and play with up to 25 kids of all genders and sexual orientations. You may also use your interaction abilities to create friends, foes, and loved ones during the game, allowing you to achieve greater popularity in your school.

You might not believe the character’s creator is particularly talented. Alternatively, it provides you with a wide range of hair and personality attributes (some of which may be out of fashion). I spent more time customising characters than I did playing the Artificial Academy 2 when it came to generating characters. Furthermore, the game has little impact on heterosexual personalities. You can create gay and lesbian characters, as well as bisexual characters with a tendency to be heterosexual or bisexual but a preference for being gay. There are a lot of alternatives to pick from. You will pick the team of mechanics you wish to take with you before commencing a race.

There are eight predetermined classes, each with its own distinctive trick; some specialise in huge damage but are injured in the process, others focus on manipulating the adversary by pushing / pulling them, while some provide additional benefits to risky terrain, to name a few. I was astounded by how distinct each of these teams felt, resulting in each of them having a unique style of play that allows them to destroy foes in ways that other teams would not have been able to. If you choose, you may even make custom classes from teams you’ve already unlocked.

Once your mechanics are complete in Artificial Academy 2 Pc Game Free Download , you will be presented four separate islands on which to defend yourself from Vek, with the sorts of dangers varying based on which island you are facing. Each has its own special technique and a group of foes that can come at any time throughout the battle. After you’ve chosen an island, you’ll need to protect the countries before facing the big danger. When you choose the country you wish to fight in, you nearly always have the choice of defending the connecting portions of the island as you beat Vek. You may access the last island, where the vek have their nest, after successfully defending at least two of the islands.

Each combat takes place on an eight-by-eight grid over the course of five rounds, with various terrain and, more crucially, structures strewn around the grid. Your major aim is to keep them safe at all costs; if any of your buildings are damaged, you will lose energy, and once your energy network reaches zero, the game is finished. In every battle you engage, there will always be optional objectives. Once you finish an island, they will provide you with reputation points, which you may use to purchase additional weaponry, energy, and reactor cores for your Mechs. Despite the fact that they are labelled as “optional missions,” it appears that they require assistance in updating their processes. Artificial Academy 2 Artificial Academy 2 a high school-based social simulation, which is the continuation in The Artificial Academy 2 . You can create and participate in up to 25 players of diverse genres, orientation, interactions and personal traits. Meet new friends and family members while students compete for academic success, athletics fame, and affection.

Game Story:

The Artificial Academy 2 Pc Game Free is a high-school simulation that incorporates erotic components. The game allows you’ll be able to design your own students with the character creator editor with a variety of elements to create your character, including hair, facial features eyes gender, sexual orientation and, most importantly, personality, that are based on anime stereotypes. of Character. Once the character is established, the player can design his own class by incorporating the students he has created. It is possible to create as many as 25 players at a time and take on any player. The purpose of the game is to create friends, enemies , and loved ones feel comfortable, so as to increase the popularity of your school. Once the player has made friends and formed a bond with students, they may begin to have sexual relations with the student this is the main goal of the game.

Create an institution and a course year and the course number. Once you have that you will create your clubs and then write the courses list. The app can be populated with pre-designed students (among whom you are able to serve as an instructor) or access the relevant personal brand and build your own.

You might not believe that the person who created the character is talented. It also offers a wide range of options with regards to personality traits and hairstyles (some are outdated). I was more focused on making characters by altering characters as opposed to play the game. Additionally it is not impact heterosexuals. It’s possible to create gay and lexisexual characters and also create bisexual characters that tend to be bisexual or heterosexual and yet are likely towards being gay. Actually, there are many alternatives to pick from.

The types of tropes employed to describe the Artificial Academy include:

  • A-Cup Angst: Presented by a variety of characters.
  • Animation Hair: Absolutely feasible, though more unusual combinations of hair colors might require modifications.
  • Fucked boyfriend The two characters, he as well as his counterpart with a spectacle are possible using intriguing (and in some ways, diabolical) attributes. There is also the possibility to create an female version of.
  • Beady-Eyed Loser: Absolutely achievable.
  • Class Representative: Anyone who has the characteristic of being a Class President could be believed to be the representative of the class.
  • Depraved gays or depraved bisexuals are a natural consequence of creating a gay bisexual persona with the “bad” characteristic. It is possible that they’re (possibly) depraved but are not homosexual and that heterosexual people are as bad or good.
  • Every person is bisexual. It’s entirely possible to join an entire class of bisexuals or homosexuals with no trouble.
  • Foreign Fanservice: playful character on 2 can sometimes speak gratuitous English with a soft accent, making it easy to impress strangers with this persona.
  • Hot for teachers Most likely in the second, which could ultimately lead to teacher/student bond.
  • Hot Teacher: It’s completely possible to have this type of character playing in 2 ways very easy ways, both in the male as well as female version.
  • Lesbian Psycho The outcome of creating a female character that has the “Evil” characteristic. Other applications
  • Shelter in Audacity Otaku’s personality as male characters. While otaku may be precisely the people for whom the game is promoted in this way, the personality of this person is a stereotype of an otaku who has been transformed into one. But, because it’s over-exaggerated, it’s difficult to be angry about it.
  • Spiritual Successor Koikatu is a blend of much the characteristics of Artificial Academy (the school environment and the harem anime traps that are prevalent in the majority of lives) and the capability from the Unity engine used in the Play Club Illusion employed at Play Club.
  • Dark, tall and bishoujo An archetype of the typical character. Subvert.
  • Tall Dark and sarcastic: The same.
  • Love between teachers and students: Still possible , especially given the limitations only one classroom for each “world” and just 1 teacher in each class it’s the only way for teachers to be affectionate. While both sides are “prominent” one. Be aware that if the class president is caught on you in the act, your teacher will be fired , and the game will be ended in the event that you are playing as teacher, unless class president is one you’re in the relationship.
  • Tsundere is a specific character that can be applied to anyone regardless of gender and to an degree, the “Irritated” persona tends to act like the stereotype character.
  • Straw Loser: a creepy girl with a cute Otaku male personality.
  • Yandere: Don’t attempt breaking up with someone who has the Evil characteristic, and when you’re 2 years old, do not be apathetic or create the impression that you’re not trustworthy. One of the most dangerous methods to end a game is.

Artificial Academy 2 Download Game Play:

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 or newer
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or faster
  • DirectX: Version 9
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

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