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amazing cultivation simulator Download

Amazing Cultivation Simulator Download plan is to build a “immortal cult” that people will join even in the future, enlightening us as we have fun. We may develop our own martial arts, find forgotten treasures, make unique potions, and construct potent magic items as ways to increase the trust of our followers. We are free to introduce any one of the 10 potential rules that govern how followers behave in order to accomplish the aim. Depending on the kind of connections our sect members are in—family, friends, romance, etc.—there are various exchanges between them. Each of these has potential issues that we must address.

Numerous tales have been centred on the chase of it and the inherent evil that goes along with it. The quest for immortality is shown from a completely new perspective in Amazing Cultivation Simulator, a colonisation game that is based on ancient Chinese mythology. Buckle up as we take a deeper look at Amazing Cultivation Simulator if you like East Asian stories and culture or if you want to dive into a really comprehensive strategy game.

Those who seek immortality in the world of myth and magic devote their lives to the holy path of cultivation. They congregate around organisations and cults that prepare their bodies, brains, and souls for everlasting life. You must be prepared to maintain the balance between good and evil at all costs if you want this immense power, however. Unfortunately, since greed is a part of human nature, it also makes farmers shortsighted. The Taiyi Sect was burnt to the ground as a result of your master, who failed to see it until it was too late. Although your brothers and sisters are gone forever, the Taiyi Sect may yet rise from the ashes. Tiankang is covered with its seeds, which are only waiting to be discovered. Your master wants you to do this. You must do it for him and for everyone else whose safety we have vowed to uphold.

A computer game called Amazing Cultivation Simulator Free Download mimics running a sect in a universe based on Chinese mythology. It includes a wide variety of diverse topics, such as developing characters, creating a temple complex, slaying mythical animals, exploring various parts of the globe, founding a sect, and negotiating with other sects. The learning curve for this game might be regarded as being quite high due to the abundance of distinct game elements.

Game Play

Amazing Cultivation Simulator Pc Game Download begins with a thorough teaching portion, and even while I usually like to pick things up as I go, this lesson is essential. The prologue instruction is necessary before you may access the other game types, though. Even after going through the whole tutorial twice, I found a few things that I wished I had known more about while actually playing the game. The lesson begins by providing you a brief overview of who you are and what you’re attempting to do. the revitalization of Mount Full Moon’s famed Taiyi sect. But it won’t be a simple process. especially if you begin to fully comprehend all that would be necessary to achieve this level of reputation.

Although the degree of detail is intimidating, it is also one of the game’s biggest charms. constructing a bedroom? For appropriate Feng Shui, make sure your door is facing south. attempting to grow with a fire-focused disciple? Check to see whether the earth element balance in your space is hindering your development. The rest of the tutorial goes through each of these points thoroughly, and reminders are repeated often while you actually play the game.

Amazing Cultivation Simulator Download Feature:

  • Create your cultivation sect from the ground up to make it a fantastic spiritual hub.
  • Make sure your pupils are happy and productive for you by managing your school and your students.
  • To be more powerful than other sects, increase your territories and find new friends.
  • Trade and converse with other NPCs, but watch out—your actions will influence how they behave!
  • Ensure that good and evil are in balance.
  • Find and add additional books about Sufism, martial arts, and medicine to your collection.
  • Find the most potent antiques and relics.
  • Take on the wicked creatures and demons who want to ruin the planet you are trying to save.
  • Every time you play, a new map is produced, making each experience unique.
  • Learn about Taoist and Buddhist spiritual practises as well as Chinese stories and folklore.
  • about turning into a fairy. Since sects made up a significant section of the game, sect heritage may be important.
  • You may eventually join the sectarian battle and demand orthodoxy as payment to open the door.
  • The cult and Maiman were assaulted.
  • On the large map, resource points should be able to be created for the sake of constructing resources and sects.


  • Yaoguai Awakening: The Yaoguai eventually return to the mortal world as Qi energies resurge across the territories. Enlightened creatures begin their own cultivation out of a desire for a longer life, yet they are still unable to escape the Heavenly Tribulation or the Creed of Heaven.
  • According to Taoist animism, even the most primitive existences have a possibility to become spiritual as long as they survive through the ephemeral passages of time. If they are lucky enough, some may even become sentient spirits after receiving enlightenment from a teacher. They have a human body thanks to Body Genesis, and are ready to start cultivating.
  • Physical Cultivation: The Ancient Yaoguai never bothered to practise meditation on the Creed of Heaven or to attain enlightenment. With their ruthless physical might, they ruled the land. They act on instinct and use their own energy to polish their bodies with nature’s essence until they are even able to deflect flying swords and endure the Heavenly Tribulation in bodies made of common mortals.
  • Training for Pets: Spiritual pets are unique beings with powerful forms and immense potential. They represent the laws of nature as well. Learn to control the pet of your sect so they can fulfil your wants.
  • Added storylines The kingdom of cultivators will see an extraordinary upheaval when the ancient Yaoguai return, which will not spare any creature. But is it a good thing or a bad thing?
  • Refreshed Tutorial: We included a thorough, step-by-step tutorial for new players in the Yaoguai Uprising update to assist them in becoming familiar with all the controls and game mechanisms so that everyone may enjoy the excitement of cultivation.
  • Encyclopedia: Here, all kind of things, rules, and creatures are listed. You may think back on your trip and look forward to fresh experiences.


  • Excellent for resource farming enthusiasts.
  • The tactics that players choose to use are entirely up to them.


  • Significantly little farm automation
  • The necessary NPC interactions might be time-consuming.

amazing cultivation simulator Download

amazing cultivation simulator Download

System Prerequisites:


  • System of operation: Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor: Unknown
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Image: undefined
  • 1000 MB of storage are accessible.

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How To Download Amazing Cultivation Simulator?

  • Click the Download icon below to get the PC setup file.
  • Download the PC Installer.exe file and run it.
  • Observe the download guidelines.
  • Observe the installation guidelines.
  • Change the language options.
  • Enjoy
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