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The tactical role-playing video game Wildermyth Download was created and released by Worldwalker Games. The final release of the game for Windows occurred in June 2021 after its initial release in 2019. Currently, a version for the Nintendo Switch is being created. Upon its debut, the game garnered mostly favourable reviews, with compliments focusing on its use of procedural generation for storytelling.

A procedurally generated, character-driven tactical RPG is called Wildermyth. Like the best tabletop roleplaying games, Wildermyth offers options and follows up each choice with effects that advance your characters. Take control of a group of heroes as they develop from hesitant farmers into extraordinary, legendary warriors. Battle on interactive battlefields against bizarre beasts and unforeseen perils. Unravel mysteries and experience contemplative moments in a fantasy world that is always evolving and that combines humour, personal stories, and hard realities with sacrifice.

Where is the end of your myth? Come assist us in finding it!

Similar to tabletop gaming, every game has its own set of settings and heroes. They grow up, change, fall in love, clash, and make terrible sacrifices.
Each hero has a unique organic history and personality, but their courses and ends are determined by your decisions and fighting prowess.
All heroes pass away at some point, but you get to keep your favourites. Reintroduce them in the subsequent adventure, and the myths you create will eventually come to constitute your own personal pantheon.

Wildermyth Gameplay

The user will initially select a character from a variety of randomised options. These characters will gradually develop into battle-tested heroes and pick up new attributes, opening up fresh narrative and gameplay Wildermyth Pc Game Download possibilities. In addition, these characters will grow older over time and develop friendships or rivalries with one another. While the basic story beats are still followed in the main campaign, character growth is based on a procedural generation technique, so each playthrough will be unique. Turn-based combat is comparable to the grid-based technique used in the XCOM video game series. The campaign map requires the player to make decisions in addition to battle. Players can decide to rebuild a village, for example, but doing so might leave them with less time to get ready for another invasion scenario.

A few distinctive traits define these features. Their class—warrior, hunter, or mystic—comes first. A warrior engages in direct combat, a hunter engages in covert combat or sneaks up on an opponent for stealth attacks, and a mystic employs a mystical skill called “infusion” to psionically inhabit everyday items and turn them against foes. Yes, you can take control of a sack of flour in this Wildermyth Pc Game Download and toss it in your adversaries’ faces. It uses vivid language.

Characteristics are the second crucial aspect of Wildermyth’s characters. To mention a few traits, they could be self-centered, poetic, silly, or romantic. Them provide the basis of how each character interacts with the outside world and with other characters. Each character has a few of these.

A World of Imaginative Papercraft

The game’s setting, The Yondering Lands, is a multi-layered universe with hand-painted 2D people and objects. There are no orcs, elves, or goblins in this world, but be on the lookout for telepathic insect-dragons and clockwork zombies. We’ve given meticulous attention to shattering stereotypes and exploring novel concepts.

Extreme Character Depth Each of your heroes has a distinct history, personality, and appearance that have been produced for them. They also interact with one another to form relationships. Over the course of a playthrough, all of these aspects evolve and change as characters age, solve riddles, and face difficulties.

Choices That Really Count

If your hero decides to believe the mysterious wolf deity, their appearance and combat skills can undergo a horrifying alteration. They could even go after a relationship with another hero, which would give them both a shared buff and extra plot possibilities. You can shape each character’s story by encountering things that have lasting, character-defining effects.

A Different View of Death

Did a tentacled horror-bear one-shot your favourite character? You can let a hero “fall back” by being wounded, opening up some new, transformative directions for their legend, or you can let them die in a blaze of glory, leaving a lasting impression on future generations.

Deep and Ingenious Tactical Battle

Combat in Wildermyth Download places a strong emphasis on cooperation, smart positioning, and creative use of your changing talents and environment. While mystical interfusion allows you to reshape the battlefield with explosive power, walling and flanking mechanics offer clear but conflicting motivations. You can become as intense as you want because there are many levels of difficulty.

Teamwork Multiplayer

As you progress through a campaign in a multiplayer game, you and your friends can each control and customise your own characters. Although in a typical campaign, you start with three heroes and pick up the fourth and fifth along the road, it is still advised for up to five players. Additionally, we enable Steam Remote Play.

Unlimited Playability

As your warriors grow up with each playing, choose from a vast array of fighting skills and determine whether you prefer offensive or defensive strategies, raw strength, stealth, or magically hurling fire from a nearby lamp into your adversaries’ faces. Every time you play, procedural generation provides you new heroes, opponents, plot developments, and maps.

Custom Legends Pantheon

You will be able to change the hero’s names, histories, and other attributes at your discretion. As time goes on, heroes age, retire, or even perish in battle, though some do make it to the very end. Your favourite characters can be added to a list of legends so you can use them again in subsequent playthroughs. Create your own myths and tell people about the awesome power of your heroes.

Game Play:

wildermyth Free

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  • need a 64-bit operating system and CPU.
  • Windows 7 or later
  • i3 or above for the processor
  • 3.0 GB of RAM
  • Visualization: Open GL 3.2
  • 2 GB of storage are available.


  • need a 64-bit operating system and CPU.

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  • Install the file after downloading it, then install the game.
  • It will be simple to download the game with a strong internet connection.
  • wildermyth is free to use after the installation is finished.
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