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Wanted Weapons of Fate Pc Game Free Download

wanted weapons of fate download

Based on the 2008 film of the same name, Wanted Weapons of Fate Download is a third-person shooter computer game that was initially created and released by I-play before being created by Grin and published by Warner Bros. Interactive and distributed by Universal Studios in 2009.  It was made available for mobile devices, Windows, the PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360.

Wesley Gibson continues his development into a full-fledged assassin and the inheritor of a lineage of a hidden brotherhood of assassins in this scene, which is set around five hours after the movie’s events. He continues his search with a new assignment to locate the Fraternity’s French branch, find the Immortal, and finally learn the truth about his family.


The narrative of Wanted Weapons of Fate Pc Download starts with Wesley experiencing a reoccurring nightmare that always ends with the death of Wesley’s mother by an unidentified assailant. He awakens to see that a group of troops in the style of SWAT had broken into his flat. They go through Wesley’s apartment until they find a photo of his mother Alyse. They dismantle it and discover a decoded murder order in its frame. Wesley faces Araa (Spanish for “Spider”), an assassin dispatched by the Barcelona Fraternity after pursuing these invaders.

Pekwarsky, the master bullet-maker for the Fraternity, shows there, drives Araa away, and informs Wesley that he is the first person on the fraternity’s hit list. He also informs him that the Loom of Fate would be taken by its minions to the recently destroyed Chicago Fraternity.

Wesley utilises this knowledge to pay a second visit to the Chicago chapter house’s ruins, which he demolished in the film. He approaches the Russian inside, who shoots him after realising Fox’s corpse is gone. He finds a binary code on his arm and cuts it off for closer examination. The Russian was one of the Guardians assigned to retrieve the Loom, Pekwarsky informs him. Three of them are transmitted, and the codes on each one indicate the location to which they are planning to transport the loom. Additionally, he tells Wesley that he will be seeing a man named Brummel who placed an order for a box of bullets with Wesley’s name on it.

Wanted Weapons of Fate Download Features:

  • Similar to the movie, the game centres on an ancient, covert society of assassins who carry out murders as ordered by the enigmatic Loom of Fate. Kill your targets with bullets that are curved, exactly like the characters in the popular movie.
  • Close-quarters hand-to-hand fighting makes for an entertaining game.
  • Hit an explosive item to kill your targets with a lethal explosion.
  • brimming with stronger individuals, like The Russian, The Immortal, and The Killer

To become a super assassin, bend bullets.
Fans of the film will like the many techniques that this game uses. The most prominent illustration is bent bullets. To strike your target while playing the game, you may bend a bullet around obstacles or corners. You may use this ability to strike an explosive item and kill your opponent with an explosion, or you can use it to predict the bullet’s bent trajectory so it can bend around columns and kill many foes with a single shot.

A “quick-chain” cover that lets you hide and travel across the surroundings quickly is another great game play element. The game’s speed and your assassin abilities promote close-quarters hand-to-hand fighting for added thrills. You may even use Assassin Time to murder several foes with absolute accuracy as you develop your talents.

Discover The Heir
Wesley Gibson, known as The Heir, used to be a nameless nobody, but now he carries on his father’s reputation as The Killer. Wesley seized control of his fate and exacted retribution on them all after being deceived by The Fraternity who taught him. He is now surrounded by the damage he wrought and is left alone with concerns about his ancestry, The Fraternity, and the Will of Fate. The solutions he seeks are available, but so is a bullet bearing his name.

The Directory of Assassins
The Fraternity’s cleaner is a Russian. He is rude and perverted and is known as Death’s Janitor. He enjoys doing things that most people would find repulsive. The Immortal, who serves as the head of the French Fraternity, is a devotee rather than a villain. He is completely committed to upholding The Code of Weavers and will do whatever it takes to do so. The Immortal is a master assassin with abilities that are virtually on par with those of The Killer, Gibson’s father. Remorseless, he claims that his victims’ “just mortal” status and inability to defy Fate’s Will make their deaths at his hands not his responsibility.

The Wanted Weapons of Fate Download Free best assassin to ever live was Cross, also known as The Killer. He adheres to the fraternity’s motto of “Kill one, rescue a thousand” as a member of the Chicago Fraternity. Cross uncovered a secret in the Chicago Fraternity that made him the target of people who were formerly his pals, despite the fact that his name was never woven by the Loom of Fate.

Wanted Weapons of Fate Game Play:

wanted weapons of fate Pc download

System prerequisites

  • OS: Windows XP SP2 or later
  • CPU: Dual-core (Core 2 Duo E6540 from Intel or AMD or above) processor.
  • one gigabyte of RAM
  • Visuals: DX9.0c Compatible graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce 8 series/AMD equivalent or higher) supporting Shader Model 3.0
  • DirectX®:9.0c
  • 4 GB HD space on the hard drive

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Wanted Weapons of Fate Download Instructions

  • Double-click “Setup” in the “Wanted Weapons of Fate” folder to launch the installation process.
  • Go to the game’s installation folder when the installation is complete.
  • To play the game, open the folder and double-click the “Wanted” icon. Done!
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