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WanderLust Free Download Pc Latest Version

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2019’s independent text-based adventure game Wanderlust Travel Stories Download was created by Different Tales and released by Walkabout Games. On September 26, 2019, it was made available globally on Windows, iOS, and macOS. It is also accessible on Steam, hdpcgames.com, the App Store, the Mac App Store, and the Nintendo Switch.

The game includes a music, unique pictures, and a text-based story. Four strangers meet on a lonely island and share their travel experiences in this narrative. The player examines their accounts and makes decisions that affect their behaviour, emotions, and money reserve. This then alters how the environment is presented and experienced by the characters, with various results.

Game Story:

On the most isolated island in the world, a bunch of strangers gather at a bar to exchange tales. Put yourself in their position and discover travel from many angles. These interactive books are based on actual locations and events, but how each adventure plays out is up to you. A complete x32 texture pack for Minecraft is called Wanderlust. This texture pack, which completely covers the vanilla version of Minecraft, aims to improve the user experience. Wanderlust gives players a more realistic, immersive, and beautiful experience while only increasing the size of the default textures. Wanderlust retains the spirit and endearing charm that Minecraft is known for while encouraging players to thoroughly explore their surroundings.

Every narrative is unique and covers a variety of subjects, including sorrow, confronting the unknown, love, family, conflict, and spirituality. The course of the tales is determined by player choices. You must oversee the characters’ emotional and physical health during each trip, with decisions determining how worried and worn out they are. Their mood is subsequently impacted by this, and new possibilities may arise that lead the story in new directions. Although it’s a fascinating concept, there are times when you’re pushed in a certain narrative path and therefore into a particular frame of mind. This is especially apparent when travelling through many different African countries on a riverboat.

The tales themselves are the primary emphasis. Rather than being a game, Wanderlust Travel Stories Free Download Pc is more of an interactive narrative. The duration of each character’s story varies, with one lasting three hours as opposed to the typical couple of hours. The most of your time will be spent reading, with the odd decision or selection of a location on a map. This is okay in this instance since the storylines are well-written and the characters are well-rounded. There may be moments when you don’t like the individual you’re reading about, but Diverse Tales has managed to capture enough different characters to provide a variety of viewpoints on travel.

Wanderlust Travel Stories Download Free Features:

  • There are adventure and survival modes for 4 players online!
  • a huge, free-roaming environment with several randomly generated dungeons to explore and conquer!
  • Every time you play, Dynamic Events assist to create a distinctive encounter!
  • 4 classes for characters!
  • There are more than 40 adversaries to fight, many of them have AI and special skills!
  • new mechanisms for loot and crafting!
  • a cycle of day and night that affects gameplay!
  • full compatibility for gamepads!
  • And a big companion/pet system where almost all of your enemies may turn into allies!

A link between gaming and literature

The book Wanderlust: Travel Stories is yours to create. It’s for you if you’re looking for something a little different, and if you can read this, you already have everything you need to get started.

A collection of travel narratives

Five short tales and four lengthy ones, each authored by a separate group of writers. Every adventure provides Wanderlust: Anthology of interactive travel writing with a real-world setting and real-life inspiration, Travel Stories. Consider yourself a contemporary traveller; investigate your wants, aspirations, and anxieties; and influence the course of their narratives. a distinctive playing style that allows you to see travel through the perspective of several people. Like an optimistic student, a cynical journalist, or a guy who is just a bad planner.

Genuine, factual, and well researched
Set on actual locations and based on genuine stories. Visit the enigmatic Rapa Nui monuments, the crowded streets of Bangkok, the unspoiled Antarctic, the Serengeti plains, and more. Explore the stories written by ardent travellers and seasoned reporters to explore the world they encountered on their travels.

Color perception and emotions
Your decisions influence how the characters feel. As a result, your perspective on the world is altered. All feelings are legitimate; being joyful or enthusiastic isn’t everything, and feeling down or worn out is quite normal.

The mood is formed through a refined style, custom photographs, and immersive soundtracks. Just enough to evoke memories from your own past or to inspire fantasy.

Let’s Talk About Slow Gaming
It’s a leisurely, contemplative experience, like a quiet day with a cup of tea and a book. You may experience each moment at your own speed without having to hurry or struggle. If you’re looking for anything like this, look at our Slow Gaming Manifesto.

Wanderlust Travel Stories Free Download Pc Game More Features:

from the minds behind Hitman, Dying Light, and The Witcher
With this experimental interactive travel documentary, we go into unexplored territory. We would like for you to go with us.

A wicked, evil stepmother
WanderLust has a somewhat intriguing plot. Princess Elise is the name of the fictional heroine we play. Princess Elise has a very strong desire for sex, but the wicked stepmother who rules this fantasy world forbids it! Naturally, Princess Elise and her merry band of sexy followers go on adventures and have sex because she constantly wants to get laid.

I Can Hear You Saying
The fact that WanderLust had voice acting, and it wasn’t bad at all, was one of the things that most impressed me. I have to admit that the voice acting significantly contributed to my increased enjoyment of the narrative. You see, I think some of the unavoidably lengthy dialogue segments could have been cut in half! However, I believe that they are ultimately much more bearable thanks to the voice acting.


  • excellently crafted narratives
  • The characters are complex.
  • Excellent presentation all around
  • The budgeting process seems superfluous.
  • Sometimes pushed along certain narrative routes



  • requires a 64-bit operating system and processor.
  • Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
  • Processor with a dual core or more
  • RAM memory: 4 GB
  • Visualization: Intel® HD 4400 or higher
  • 11th version of DirectX
  • 2 GB of storage are available.


  • requires a 64-bit operating system and processor.

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Wanderlust Travel Stories Download Instructions

  • Double-click “Setup” in the “Wanderlust Travel Stories” folder to launch the installation process.
  • Go to the game’s installation folder when the installation is complete.
  • To play the game, open the folder and double-click the “Wanted” icon. Done!
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