The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Pc Download

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Download Pc Free

breath of the wild pc download

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Download is action-adventure game created by Nintendo. When it was released in 2017, the gameplay and environment design of Zelda took a big turn away from earlier games in the series. Check Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

The game is set in the expansive open world of Hyrule, which is home to a variety of landscapes including mountains, deserts, and woods. The protagonist, Link, is controlled by the player when he awakens from a deep sleep to discover Hyrule in ruins and under the evil Calamity Ganon’s dominion. Link sets off on an adventure to find Princess Zelda and vanquish Ganon, travelling around the environment, figuring out riddles, facing challenges, and finishing objectives as he goes.

“Breath of the Wild” stands out for its open-world layout, which lets users freely explore the environment and take on tasks in any order they see fit. A physics engine is also introduced in the game, allowing players to interact with the surroundings and manipulate objects as well as use the landscape to combat opponents and solve puzzles.

The game’s emphasis on resource management and survival is another noteworthy feature. To survive the perils of Hyrule, Link needs to hunt for food, acquire supplies for crafts, and take care of his health and equipment. Both reviewers and gamers applauded “Breath of the Wild” for its expansive open world, creative gaming elements, and breathtaking graphics. It is frequently considered as one of the best video games of all time and has won multiple awards, including multiple Game of the Year honours.

Breath of the Wild Free Download Game Story:

In “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” Link awakens from the Shrine of Resurrection after a hundred years of sleep. He is led by an enigmatic voice that informs him that Calamity Ganon, a terrible power from antiquity, has taken control of Hyrule Castle and is threatening to destroy the country of Hyrule. Princess Zelda and the Hyrulean champions had battled Ganon, but they had finally lost, which is why Link had taken a long nap.

Link is on a quest to reclaim his lost past and prevent the Calamity from befalling Hyrule, despite his memories being fragmented. He encounters a number of people who support him on his journey, such as the four Champions of Hyrule—Urbosa of the Gerudo, Daruk of the Gorons, Revali of the Rito, and Mipha of the Zora—and the sage Sheikah elder Impa, who aids in his memory recovery.

Link’s main goal is to liberate the Divine Beasts, antiquated machines that the Champions formerly controlled but were corrupted by Ganon’s influence. Through vanquishing the hideous manifestations of these creatures and liberating their souls, Link obtains their support during the pivotal conflict with Calamity Ganon.

Link travels the enormous country of Hyrule, discovering shrines, resolving riddles, facing opponents, and gathering supplies to help him on his trip. In addition, he gains additional knowledge about the background of Hyrule, the dormant Sheikah technology spread throughout the region, and the occasions leading up to Ganon’s reappearance.


Open World Exploration: Players are free to roam around a sizable open world in the game. Hyrule is full of varied landscapes and undiscovered treasures, ranging from lush woods to frigid mountains and all points in between.

Physics-Based Interactions: A physics engine is introduced in Breath of the Wild, enabling dynamic interactions with the surroundings. In battle and puzzle-solving, players can move objects, erect improvised bridges and passageways, and take advantage of the landscape.

Shrines and Divine Beasts: The game has over 100 shrines strewn over Hyrule in place of traditional dungeons. These shrines have tasks and riddles that players must complete to earn Spirit Orbs, which can be used to increase Link’s endurance and health. There are also four enormous Divine Beasts, each with an own theme and set of difficulties.

Weapon and Equipment Durability: Breath of the Wild’s weapons, shields, and bows all have durability ratings and will eventually break from use. Combat now has a strategic component as players have to keep track of their inventory and learn how to use various weapons they find in the environment.

Cooking and crafting: Players can gather natural ingredients to prepare meals that offer a range of advantages, like brief health boosts or other bonuses. Materials can also be utilised to construct new armour and other helpful equipment.

Dynamic Day-Night Cycle and Weather: The game’s day-night cycle and dynamic weather system have an impact on gameplay. Rainy weather can make climbing surfaces slick, and nighttime brings with it the potential for certain foes to become more formidable.

Non-Linear Progression: The primary quests and objectives of the game can be completed by players in any order they want. Because of the non-linear progression system, players can customise the gameplay experience to suit their own preferences.

Game Play:

breath of the wild pc Game

breath of the wild download

Minimum System Requirement:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 and the KB3135445 platform update
  • Processor: AMD Vishera FX-6350 3.9GHz or higher; Intel Pentium Dual-Core G4400 3.30GHz or higher
  • Ram: 4 GB or more
  • Free Hard Drive Space: 6 GB or more
  • Graphics Card: ASUS Radeon R7 250; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 or higher

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Breath of the Wild Pc Download Instructions

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Step 3: An official download will start with a free installer.
Step 4: Download the file and instal it so you can later instal the game.
Step 5: If you have a reliable internet connection, downloading the game will be easy.
Step 6: Breath of the Wild is a free PC game to play. Please get in contact with me if you continue to have problems or want to report any defects once installation is complete.

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