Oxygen Not Included Free Download PC Game

Oxygen Not Included PC Game Download Free Version

oxygen not included free download

Oxygen Not Included Free Download is a cult simulation video game created released by Klei Entertainment. The game first came out in the first few days of its launch on Steam. After this, the game was globally released on July 30, 2019. This article will discuss Oxygen not included, the game’s playability, and features. Continue reading below for more information. The objective for the player is control an entire colony ruled by three people stuck on an asteroids.

The space colony simulation game Oxygen is not Included you’ll find that the lack of oxygen as well as heat and food can be constant threats to your colony’s existence. The colonists will be guided through the hazards of an asteroid underground, and watch the population increase so that they don’t just survive, but flourish. The entire space colony is in your control from resource mining and allocation to the plumbing and power systems. Deep within the space rock of aliens, your tireless team will have to master the science of space, face different alien species and make use of the latest space technologies to survive and perhaps even thrive.

About Oxygen Not Included Pc Download:

Oxygen Not Included is based on the notion that you defend your space colony from attack by aliens from an alien galaxy. Who was the one who took to your home as the final victory? You’ll have to defend your homestead while you gather resources, create new technology to test your defenses, and defend yourself against any attack that might arrive at your door. You could even construct an oxygen generator which could save your life in the event that the air supply you have is depleted. It allows you to take a break and regroup with the new friends you have made.

This story starts when an enormous alien race launches their first probe into the solar system. While he is listening to audio recordings left by his previous colonies, he begins to realize that there is a huge amount of hostile creatures living in the asteroid belt underground. After sending out scout ships to look into the asteroid belt, you find that your home was destroyed. You and your comrades have to work together to protect the oxygen supply from intruders with this space colony simulation. You can build the spaceships you have built or construct an underground bunker with weapons to defeat the aliens.

Game Story:

The game lets players observe the waste, hunger levels, as well as oxygen level of three colonists. It is split into various zones. Biomes are areas that comprise different kinds of creatures and materials. The regions that are the initial ones of the asteroid contain an atmosphere which lets air circulate. However, the regions to the rear lack oxygen and are predominantly vacuolar. If you are planning to explore these regions, and be ready. These regions are also home to many dangers, diseases as well as extreme temperature. The game is distinguished by the spreading of gases. The pressure in the atmosphere is equalized once an ordinary room is open.

The colonizer is the player who must instruct the players to complete specific tasks, like developing new resources, growing new foods, and creating better and more efficient technology. Alongside survival strategies players also have to instruct colonists on how to maintain their health and well-being through nutrition hygiene, cleanliness, and comfort during a no-cost oxygen flush that is not included. While Oxygen Not Included is in the early stages of development, players can take advantage of all high-quality, standard, and practical aspects of the game. Because the game is regularly updated, upgrades, this game will likely to expand rapidly in a short amount of time. In conclusion, Oxygen Not Included definitely has the top puzzle-solving game, however gamers may be bored by the usual grind.

Oxygen Not Included Free Download Game mimics dispersal in gases as well as the equilibrium of the air by opening up a new natural space that can trigger the oxygen levels to fall in rooms already existing and also the dilution of fluids due to gravity. In order to create the colony, the player assigns transcribers to complete specific tasks, like looking for resources, cultivating food, crafting tools as well as researching the latest technology and maintaining their health with diet, comfort, and cleanliness.

Oxygen Not Included Pc Download Features

Space colonies can be built in vast numbers and find out the necessary skills to live

If you are playing Oxygen Not Included, everything is in your hands. From prospecting, to gathering resources to the process of excavation you are in control of everything. As soon as you begin breathing, resources will begin to run out. Therefore, make sure to breathe further and faster if you wish to live.

Mind over Matter stress simulation

While the game can be difficult, it provides a variety of fun activities to do. There are excellent and better options for the accommodations you can provide your colony. Colonists have various ways of dealing with stress-inducing situations. Thus, your goal is to make them satisfied.

Efficiency is improved through sophisticated simulations of liquids and gases

Interlocking pipes that quickly transfer liquids and fuel to areas that are experiencing acute shortages in supply. It is essential for players to plan and prepare for the game. If your space colony is an efficient machine and an ideal environment is achieved, you will be rewarded with points.

Control this electrical simulator

The players also need to switch on energy sources. They must extract hydrogen or natural gas, coal as well as other. Additionally, they must keep an eye on electrical outages or circuit overloads, as well as breaks from time to time.

Recycle everything with extreme efficiency.

Recycle all the resources you have. The game is also focused on efficiency. It allows you to recycle waste into useful products.

Explore new and diverse procedurally generated worlds

Explore new worlds with the press of one button. The game provides plenty of things to discover. There are tons of space rocks in the wild to discover.

Advance Features :

  • Take an underground group of survivors
  • They will be provided with food or oxygen, water, heat, etc.
  • The game is challenging and full of puzzles and challenges.
  • Many different characters can control
  • Fantastic game
  • amazing twists and turns
  • Plus, you can learn about

Oxygen Not Included technical specifications:

  • Game version: Initial version
  • Interface language: English
  • Audio language: English
  • Game file name: Oxygen_Not_Included_Spaced_Out.zip
  • Game download size: 1011 MB
  • MD5SUM: e0f1924f8bdce58456754b299a454e71

Game Information :

  • Genre: Indie, Simulation
  • Developed By: Klei Entertainment
  • Platform: PC
  • Game size 1GB
  • Issued by CODEX
  • Version: Version: (Build 8343583) Full version plus spacing
  • preinstalled game


  • Interesting management simulation game.
  • Gorgeous game design and music.
  • endless hours of playing


  • The game can be extremely challenging.
  • Many micromanagement

Game Play:

Oxygen Not Included Download System Requirements:

  • OS: 7,8,8.1,10 (64 bit only)
  • Processor Dual Core 2GHz or more AMD or higher
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4600 (Nvidia/Radeon equivalent)
  • Direct X: 11
  • Storage: 2GB of space
  • Install Size: 704MB

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How to Oxygen Not Included Free Download for Pc?

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What devices does oxygen not work with?

The game works with various platforms like Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

What’s the first thing you should do if oxygen isn’t included?

The first thing that players have to think about when playing a game is their access to oxygen, water and other necessities. Also, be aware of spaces that are polluted or empty in the game area.

Does the game Oxygen Not Included come with an online multiplayer feature?

The game currently does not have a multiplayer feature.

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