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In Grounded Free download pc game  , he world is a vast, beautiful and dangerous place, especially when you are shrinking to the size of an ant. Can you thrive alongside hordes of giant insects and fight to survive the dangers of the backyard? When you shrink to the size of an ant, the world is wider and more dangerous than ever. In Grounded you will learn to explore the world of garden creatures, build and survive. The game environment is an immersive and continuous world where giant insects rule the world. Take a one-on-one tour or team up with friends in a multiplayer survival adventure to take on hordes of insects to defeat you.

More chances to stay on the team. Grounded Download free for pc allows four users to play together, search, collect and create materials from their backyard. You can organize a game by selecting “Multiplayer” from the main game menu. “Online Game Host” will appear on your screen; Click the option to start a new game or play on an existing server. Your teammates should select “Join an online game” and then “Find friends.” Also check Wasteland 2.

Our name should appear on the friends list because you are the host of the Grounded , regardless of whether they use the console or desktop version of the game. Once the game starts, each player will see the game from their character’s perspective. What is missing in multiplayer is the ability to invite players directly to your server. It also lacks a split-screen feature, which would have been a useful tool to increase visibility. As a human the size of an ant, seeing a bird’s eye will do you a lot. Items like toys, flowers, and plant roots will be the main obstacles in front of you. At the same time, ants, roaches, and bees are now equal to, if not bigger, than you. You will need to know how to return your body to its normal size avoiding grabbing all kinds of creatures and obstacles.

In Grounded Pc download game , Through our past experience with crowdfunding, we found incredible value in engaging the community early in the process. Early access gives us the ability to receive and implement community feedback in a way that more gracefully helps us to build a better game. The foundation is the kind of experience where community feedback will be critical. Early access will allow for this feedback loop from the beginning. ”

We want to provide the best possible experience and setting an accurate game schedule in the early development phase is a huge challenge. That said, we also want to be transparent with our community, so we’ll give you your best guess upon realizing that these Plans may change. The current goal for full launch is. Sometime in 2021. There is a lot of great content that we want to present with Grounded, but more importantly, some of the ideas and features may change dramatically based on feedback we receive from the community. Our current plan for the full version is to have the following features:

Game Story:

Grounded Game is a survival game that can be played in first or third person. In the game, the protagonist is reduced to the size of an ant and must strive to survive in a backyard. In the game, the player must consume an adequate amount of food and water, or lose health due to starvation or dehydration, respectively. The backyard is full of various bugs and insects, such as spiders, bees, mites, and gargoyles. Different insects serve different purposes in the game. For example, spiders are one of the main predators in the game that will hunt players, ladybugs can lead players to food sources, and aphids can be cooked and eaten. Players can also mow grass to collect dew drops. The game has an accessibility option for players with arachnophobia, which allows them to decide how scary the spiders in the game will be.

As players progress through the game, they will visit new areas in the backyard. The difficulty of the game would slowly increase and more dangerous enemies would be introduced. Throughout the game, players must search for resources from around the world to build a base to defend against hostile enemies, especially at night when some insects become more aggressive.[4] Resources can also be used to craft various tools, traps, and weapons, such as axes, spears, bows, and arrows, to defeat enemies. Players must also manage their stamina, as the playable character can become exhausted in prolonged combat.The game can be played solo, although there is also a cooperative multiplayer mode for four players.

Grounded Key Features::

  • Full story
  • Steam Achievements and Cards
  • More mistakes! The type of insect.
  • More habitats and biomes
  • More artisan recipes
  • Additional features and updated systems to enhance the entire experience
  • Laying the foundation for our landing story
  • 3 main biomes: grasslands, hedges and fog
  • editing
  • Building the foundation
  • Cooperative online and single player play
  • The first two levels of weapons and armor.
  • At least ten insects
  • Arachnophobia state

Grounded Free Download Game Play:

System Requirements:


  • Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Operating system: Windows 7 (SP1) 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-3225
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti And DirectX
  • Storage: 8 GB available space

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