Final Fantasy 7 Download PC Game Free

Final Fantasy 7 Download Free PC Game

final fantasy 7 game

Role-playing video game Final Fantasy 7 Download Free was created by Square for the PlayStation in 1997. In the Final Fantasy series, it is the sixth major entry. It was first in the main series to have a PAL release and was published in Japan by Square before being made available by Sony Computer Entertainment in other countries. The plot of the game centres around Cloud Strife, a mercenary who joins an eco-terrorist group to prevent a megacorporation that rules the globe from utilising the planet’s life force as an energy source.

A superhuman named Sephiroth is on the run from Cloud and his companions after a series of unfortunate events lead him on a mission to hurt the world and use its healing powers to resurrect as a demigod. Aerith Gainsborough, who has the key to rescuing their planet, is one of the party members with whom Cloud forms strong bonds throughout the voyage.

It’s amazing to think that Final Fantasy 7 Pc Game Download has been around for fifteen years. A significant moment in gaming history, Final Fantasy 7 is now available on the PC. Though there have been a few small modernizations, neither the plot nor the aesthetics have altered. You may still enjoy Final Fantasy 7’s best features. The fighting mechanism, which uses turns, is still really good. The captivating narrative and music are back. The cut sequences are still captivating despite their outdated aesthetics.

In this PC version, new features including achievements, cloud saves, character boosters, and PC-specific optimisations are included. Final Fantasy 7 offers players a tonne of activities inside the game by rewarding them with 36 total achievements. Then you may watch each other’s development by sharing online with your friends.

Final Fantasy 7 Game Story:

Most Japanese role-playing games and early Final Fantasy games may be compared to Final Fantasy 7 Free Download gameplay. The global map, the field, and the combat screen are the three playable game types . On a 3D global map, players may at their most expansive level explore the entire globe of Final Fantasy 7. The globe map is strewn with images of places the player may visit, including villages, natural settings, and ruinous structures. Some locations are inaccessible on foot due to natural impediments including mountains, deserts, and bodies of water; as the game advances, the player acquires vehicles that let them get through these barriers.

Former SOLDIER, an elite squad of soldiers, member Cloud Strife plays the main character. He joins Barret Wallace’s AVALANCHE to stop Shinra from sapping the Mako energy of the earth and wreaking environmental havoc. A mission to take down one of Shinra’s Mako Reactors kicks off the game, setting off a chain of events that pits Cloud and his friends against the formidable Shinra company. Persona 5 Royal free download

As the plot develops, Cloud and his friends learn the real reason behind Shinra’s activities. They discover that the business intends to utilise the energy of the world to become a godlike creature while using it for its own financial advantage. Along the journey, Cloud confronts his own traumatic history, accepts who he is, and learns more about the origin of his memories.

Sephiroth, a former SOLDIER soldier who has lost faith in mankind and wants to merge with the Earth to dominate it, is the main antagonist of the game. The ultimate objective of Sephiroth is to conjure a great meteor that will destroy Gaia and suck its life force. Players travel with the plot across a variety of Gaian locales, including as the thriving metropolis of Midgar, the wide deserts of the Golden Saucer, the unsettling forested areas of the Forgotten City, and the floating city of Junon. Along the journey, Cloud and his comrades encounter countless difficulties, engage in conflict with formidable foes, and learn about the mysteries of their planet.

The storyline of the game is replete with references to topics like friendship, self-identity, ecology, and the negative effects of uncontrolled corporate power. Tifa Lockhart, Aerith Gainsborough, Vincent Valentine, and Red XIII are just a few of the diverse cast members, many of whom have interesting backstories and goals. Final Fantasy 7 Game Download narrative is famous for its depth of emotion, surprising turns in the tale, and standout scenes. It has had a large effect on the gaming industry and is still regarded as a timeless masterpiece by gamers everywhere.

Final Fantasy 7 Features:

  • Achievements – Show off your in-game successes and put your gaming prowess to the test with 36 brand-new achievements to unlock, whether you’re an experienced Final Fantasy 7 player or experiencing this RPG classic for the first time. To find out who online has the biggest FINAL FANTASY fandom, share your profile with your friends.’
  • Cloud Saves: Play Final Fantasy 7 wherever you are, even if you’re not at home or just using a different computer. Final Fantasy 7’s cloud saving feature allows you to pick up where you left off in the game’s progress (Internet connection required. At any one moment, saves may only be moved between a maximum of three machines.
  • Character Enhancer Find yourself unable to afford that necessary Phoenix Down or stuck on a challenging section? With just one button press with the Character Booster, you can instantly boost your HP, MP, and Gil levels to their maximums so you can focus on having fun on your trip.
    Final Fantasy 7 has been upgraded to accommodate the newest hardware and Windows operating systems and has been optimised for PC play.

global 3D map
You may start by accessing the 3D global map, which will provide you a tonne of experience. You may improve your performance in the game by using the 3D globe map to help you plan your strategy. In comparison to games without a map, this will provide you a superior level of experience.

great pictures
Additionally, the visuals in this game are of quite high quality. The aesthetic appeal of a game determines its rating. It’s hard to overstate how amazing the visuals in this game are. It offers the gamer an enriching experience, which is definitely noteworthy.

You will also play the part of the main character. This will give you the impression that you are there in person and that everything you see is genuinely occurring. You will have a genuine experience playing this game, both in terms of the aesthetics and the role-playing component.

Stunning music
Last but not least, this amazing video game features the finest soundtrack, which creates a lot of attention. The game’s aesthetics do in fact draw players’ attention to it. However, the music in this game is what keeps their interest for so long.


  • Storyline that Is Captivating and Emotionally Driven: Final Fantasy 7’s narrative covers challenging subjects like identity, ecology, and the effects of power.
  • Characters You’ll Remember: The game presents a large cast of individuals, each with their own distinct personalities, goals, and backstories. They have evolved into adored and enduring video game characters.
  • Rich Gameplay: Character customization, turn-based battle, and exploration are all included in Final Fantasy 7. Players have a variety of strategic options and complexity thanks to the gaming elements.
  • Stunning Soundtrack: Nobuo Uematsu is credited with creating one of the finest video game soundtracks ever. It improves the emotional impact of significant occasions and adds to the ambiance.
  • Iconic Moments: Final Fantasy 7 is renowned for its enduringly influential sequences and surprising story turns. Within the gaming community, these instances have evolved into cultural touchstones.
  • Final Fantasy 7 pushed the limits of graphics at the time of its release and had stunning visuals. The character designs and graphic direction of the game are still aesthetically attractive today.


  • Despite its historical relevance, the aesthetics of the original game could seem obsolete to gamers today. Pre-rendered scenery and character models fall short of modern video games in terms of visual quality.
  • Localization Issues: Although several odd translations and sporadic dialogue discrepancies have been criticised in the Final Fantasy 7 English localization, these problems may not have a substantial impact on the overall experience.
  • Slow Pacing: Players expecting for more action-packed scenes may find the game’s narrative and gameplay to be tedious at times, especially during exploring or key parts of the tale.
  • Character Models: The early versions of the game employed blocky character models that lacked the amount of detail seen in subsequent editions. This may result in less emotionally engaging character movements and graphics.
  • Limited Voice Acting: Final Fantasy 7 Download Pc, a video game from the late 1990s, has very little voice acting, which is mostly heard in cutscenes. For players used to fully spoken games, the majority of the conversation may seem less engaging since it is given via text.

Final Fantasy 7 Game Play:

final fantasy 7 download

final fantasy 7 pc download


  • Windows XP/Vista/7 (32/64-bit) as the operating system
  • Processor:2GHz
  • 1 gigabyte of RAM
  • Graphics:A graphic card that is DirectX® 9.0c compatible
  • Drive: 3 GB of HD space

Final Fantasy 7 PC Download Instructions

Step 1: Click the Download button to get to our download page.
Step 2: Choose the Final Fantasy 7 Download button
Step 3: An official download will start with a free installer.
Step 4: Download the file and instal it so you can later instal the game.
Step 5: If you have a reliable internet connection, downloading the game will be easy.
Step 6: Final Fantasy 7 is a free PC game to play. Please get in contact with me if you continue to have problems or want to report any defects once installation is complete.

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How can I access and play Final Fantasy 7?
For the PlayStation 1, Final Fantasy 7 was first made available. On several platforms, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, it has since been rereleased. The game is available through Hdpcgames for download.

What is Final Fantasy 7’s gameplay like?
The role-playing game (RPG) Final Fantasy 7 blends narration, exploration, and turn-based combat. Players lead a group of characters across a variety of locales, engage in combat with foes, and advance through the story of the game.

Are there any notable changes between Final Fantasy 7’s initial release and its remake?
Yes, a new version of Final Fantasy 7 will be published for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in 2020. The plot has been modified, and the visuals and gameplay have been upgraded. It just covers a fraction of the plot from the first game but goes into more depth.

How long does Final Fantasy 7’s gameplay last?
Depending on the player’s playstyle and how much time they spend adventuring and completing side missions, the game’s duration may change. The main tale may be finished in 30–40 hours on average. It may take considerably longer, however, if you strive for 100% completion and participate in extra stuff.

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