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Dragon Quest 11 Free Download PC Game Full Version

dragon quest 11 download

Dragon Quest 11 Download is an RPG produced and developed by Square Enix. It’s the latest version of the long-running Dragon Quest video game series it was launched on Japan in July 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS in July 2017 and internationally on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in September, 2018. The Game is the thrilling tale of a hero who stalks and is the much-anticipated role-playing game created by the creator of this series Yuji Horii and the character creator Akira Toriyama, and composer Koichi Sugiyama. While it is the eleventh main entry in the critically acclaimed series, DRAGON QUEST XI is a completely stand-alone experience that introduces all-new characters, a beautifully detailed world, combat and finely tuned life. The newcomer franchises are like

The world is shown in a smooth, dreamlike rich and stunning shading style. Erdriya is vast. There are many places to explore, each having its own distinct style and a population of NPCs that have various levels of support. You can determine where you are in the world through the architecture or landscape as well as the way characters talk. Similar to many of Dragon , the game’s scope appears vast and deep, however it’s very limited and superficial.

Game Story:

The gameplay  is similar to the games before it is part of this whole series, where players have the opportunity to explore different areas and battle different monsters, and have the option of exploring areas that are elevated. This Nintendo 3DS Edition also has distinct look and feel from other versions, featuring high-quality 3D images on its top screen , and images in 16 style on the screen below. Prior to engaging in combat the players are able to switch from 2D as well as 3D-based graphics at any point.

Dragon Quest 11 PC Download continues the game’s gameplay that was previously featured within the series, with players traveling through different environments and fighting various creatures, with the option to explore high-altitude regions. 2. This Nintendo 3DS Edition has a distinct design from the other editions, with 3D graphics on the top screen , and 16-bit sprites on the bottom. A young man who is about to be a part of the town’s coming of age celebration, visits the sacred stone along with an old friend from his past. Following a series of unplanned happenings, this courageous adventurer realizes that he’s the personification of the legendary hero of an era that has passed away.

The young hero ventures into an unknown realm on a quest to discover the mysteries that is his past…but the reception received is not warm. In revealing that he’s a king the hero is referred to by the title of “The Darkspawn” and is being pursued by a ferocious army. To escape the snares of his enemies, the hero joins forces with a group of adventurers with a heartfelt belief that the star of the night is reborn. Luminary and her new friends embark on a quest that will see them traverse vast oceans and continents while they discover the ominous threat that is threatening the entire world. Find out the truth about an epic mystery that will leave you wanting more You are the main character in this story, a reincarnation hero from the past. While you’re demonized and pursued by a vengeful ruler, you must take on the task of uncover the mysteries of your destiny, and save the world from failing.

Dragon Quest 11 Free Download Features:

2D mode

This is an impressive aspects of the game. It has now incorporated an 2D mode that lets players to experience a greater gaming experience. While it’s not exactly as immersive as 3D mode, it’s enjoyable playing using 2D mode. You can test 2D mode by clicking on the 2D mode simply by tapping the option to change mode in your main menu in the game. When you locate an option for 2D Mode option simply click it to start the game in 2D mode.

Amazing graphics

Graphics are an important aspect of video games because they can either determine your success or not. To put that into perspective it’s important to note that the graphics used within this game top-quality and nothing less. After you have started playing the game, the feature you’re expected to appreciate best is probably the graphic. In fact, the quality of images is so high that they don’t slow down or stumble during play. Overall, this is an advantage to this game.

orchestral music

As opposed to the previous games in this series, this one features an orchestral soundtrack, which creates different sounds for various situations within the game. This is an excellent feature for those who like playing with thrilling sounds that play in the background. However, it is important to ensure you have the right music playing and sound continue to play if you wish to play using orchestral music.

Japanese broadcaster

The game also has Japanese voiceovers, where all dialogs and other elements of the game are interpreted in Japanese. The audio options are available to assist players through the game on various levels. They assist you with many tasks and continues help you play the game. This is an remarkable feature of this game that is why you cannot play it for long.

Without a single mistake

There aren’t any bugs in the game that allows it to run smooth and fluidly. The few bugs that were discovered in earlier version of this game have been corrected in this version, and players will experience the game with ease. The game is safe from bugs and doesn’t cause any harm on your gadget.

New characters

The players will find a vast selection of new characters that are featured in the game. Each character is exclusive and have not been included in any other games in the series.

Game Play:

Dragon Quest 11 Download Minimum System requirements:

  • Requires 64-bit processor as well as operating system
  • Operating System: Windows(r) 10 64-bit
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen(tm) 3 1200 / Intel(r) Core(tm) i3-3330
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics AMD Radeon(tm) R7260X or NVIDIA(r) GeForce(r) GTX 750/1 GB VRAM/ Shader Model 5.0 or greater graphics card is required
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 40 GB available space
  • Sound Card DirectX Sound Card: DirectX compatible


  • Requires 64-bit processor as well as operating system
  • Operating System: Windows(r) 10 64-bit
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen(tm) 3 1200 / Intel(r) Core(tm) i5-6500
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon(tm) R7 370 / NVIDIA(r) GeForce(r) GTX 960/2 GB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 40 GB available space
  • Sound Card DirectX capable sound card

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